Wonder Wheel: Film Review

Naturally, given the renewed controversy surrounding Woody Allen at the moment, his latest project Wonder Wheel is being released in the UK tomorrow with no publicity or fanfare whatsoever. I’m surprised it’s even getting a release anymore, since most people probably don’t know it’s even happening. I can’t imagine anyone will go to the cinema to see it and they won’t be missing out on much – the film is something of a misfire, regardless of the director’s personal problems.

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Cafe Society: Film Review


I am not what you would call a Woody Allen fan – I like some of his movies but I probably dislike a great deal more – and I wasn’t won over by his most recent efforts Irrational Man or Magic in the Moonlight. I haven’t truly liked one since Midnight in Paris in 2011. But Café Society is one of his strongest movies in recent times and while it’s not completely flawless, I was pleasantly surprised by it.

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Irrational Man: Film Review


I hoped Irrational Man would restore my faith in Woody Allen, but this is just another one that fails to impress. I thought following the failure of Magic in the Moonlight, he could only do better but this is just as messy and unsatisfying and a total waste of Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone’s talents.

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Cannes Film Festival Round-up: What to see?


The Cannes Film Festival is over for another year, so to say farewell, here is my rundown of films that I want to see immediately thanks to the buzz they received in France. Some have secured cinema distribution deals so us mortals who weren’t lucky enough to be in Cannes will be able to see them within the next year (which is still far too long away!)

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Magic in the Moonlight: Film Review


I’m so gutted by this because I was looking forward to it and it seems right up my street but I was so disappointed – by the performances, the flimsy plot and the most unbelievable and contrived onscreen romance.

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