Daniel Radcliffe: What If Q&A

Apologies for the quality - I was pretty far away!

Apologies for the quality – I was pretty far away!

On Monday evening, Daniel Radcliffe dropped into the Apple Store in London to see his fans and chat about his new movie What If. He was on a very tight schedule so arrived dead on half 5 and left dead on 6pm but he was great to listen to while he was there. He is very chatty, excitable even and you can tell he appreciates his fans and his job. Also, I knew he was short but I was still surprised by how petite he is in general – so small and skinny (and very pale)!

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What If: Film Review


I’ve left writing this review for a few days simply because I struggle to articulate my thoughts on it. Even immediately after the screening, I wasn’t sure what to say and had difficulty putting my thoughts into words with my friend. In a nutshell: It was enjoyable but I wanted more.

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Top Films for August


The Inbetweeners 2

How could I not include this? I am such a fan of the TV series and I thought the first film was brilliant. I wasn’t overjoyed when this was announced to be honest, purely because I don’t know how it could possibly top the Malia trip but here we are, and the four boys are back, but this time in Australia. I have managed to keep my expectations low but I desperately want it to be good. Released: 6th August

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