Who should win the Best Actor and Best Actress awards at the 2019 Oscars?

Christian Bale or Rami Malek?

Oscars weekend is upon us! The 2018-2019 awards season culminates with the prestigious Academy Awards on Sunday. The Best Actor and Best Actress categories aren’t completely on lock this year, so here are my choices.

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Green Book: Film Review

I had heard so much praise about Green Book so naturally my expectations were high – yet it still managed to surpass them. I loved it and I want to see it again.

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Oscar nominations 2017: Hits, Misses & Shockers


For those of you who have been living in a hole, the Oscars nominations were announced today and while it was generally surprise-free – this was the first year in the past few where you could easily predict the frontrunner – there were still a few interesting twists, snubs and additions.

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Captain Fantastic: Film Review


I had wanted to see Captain Fantastic ever since I saw the trailer because it looks so wonderful and I wasn’t wrong – I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone as it is just brilliant and leaves you with such a warm heart and gushing smile.

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Top Films for September


How is it September already?! I can’t believe it’s here but there is an impressive slate of films heading your way this month, so I had to expand my usual five-six recommendations to eight and I could have even included more. There is THAT much cool stuff coming up.

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The Two Faces of January UK Premiere: Q&A


So, as you’ve seen from my picture post (here), I was at The Two Faces of January premiere in London last night and I managed to grab a quick chat with the stars Kirsten Dunst, Oscar Isaac and Viggo Mortensen. Here’s what went down….

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The Two Faces of January UK Premiere: My Pics



Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac come out in London on Tuesday night to celebrate the release of The Two Faces of January, their new thriller, out in U.K. on Friday.

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The Two Faces of January: Review


I was very intrigued about this because it seemed so similar to The Talented Mr Ripley – European setting, a couple joined by a guy who is not who he seems and a blonde wife – but you realise when you watch it that it is vastly different yet nowhere near as good.

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