The Predator: Film Review

Besides the 1987 original, I haven’t been bothered about seeing any of the other instalments in the Predator franchise, but I wanted to take a chance on The Predator because of director Shane Black (who actually had a small role in the original), the A+ cast, and because the trailer made it look pretty cool. Shame it’s a bit of a mess then.

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Moonlight: Film Review


When I first saw Moonlight in September, I was blown away but I thought it was too small to get awards recognition so I’m very happy that it has. It is one important and powerful coming-of-age type tale.

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Moonlight: LFF Film Review


All I knew about Moonlight was that it was positively received at Telluride Film Festival in September, it starred Naomie Harris and it’s executive produced by Brad Pitt. So I went in not knowing much about the plot or what to expect and I was completely blown away by this powerful coming-of-age type tale.

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