Finch: Film Review

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I absolutely love Tom Hanks and will watch any film he’s in and he hardly ever lets me down. His streak continues with Finch, a heartwarming tale about an inventor, his dog, and his robot.

The film is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth where the vast majority of the population and vegetation have been wiped out due to holes in the ozone layer, which makes going outside without protection impossible. The story follows ailing engineer Finch (Hanks) as he is forced to leave his Missouri bunker due to an incoming 40-day storm and drive in a solar-powered RV to San Francisco to find a new home with his beloved dog Goodyear and his new robot Jeff (Caleb Landry Jones) in tow. Jeff, who has just been built to protect Goodyear, learns about life, love, friendship and what it means to be human along the way.

I’ll put my hands up and admit that Finch isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. It feels very familiar, often reminded me of other films and you can predict the ending from a mile away. But despite all that, I loved it. It is charming, engaging and has a lot of heart, while there is enough risk of danger to keep it exciting. I love watching the relationship between Finch and Jeff blossom and seeing Jeff learning how to do human things and understand what certain expressions mean.

Hanks proved he could capably carry a film on his own with 2000’s Cast Away and he does so again effortlessly here as the old, unwell and exhausted Finch. However, he has some extra help this time around and is often upstaged by his robot co-star as Jeff is full of life, wonder, curiosity and excitement. Jones, who also provided the motion-capture performance, successfully brought to life a funny and endearing robot that is the best thing about this movie. His line delivery is excellent and he made me laugh out loud often. Seamus the dog is absolutely adorable and has the sweetest relationship with Hanks.

If you fancy a heartfelt film featuring the ever-lovely Hanks, a super cute dog and a wonderfully funny robot, then Finch is for you.

Streaming on Apple TV+ from Friday 5th November

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

News of the World: Netflix Film Review

News of the World

I love Tom Hanks – who doesn’t?! – so I happily tuned into News of the World, even though Westerns aren’t my favourite genre, and was rewarded by a heartwarming central relationship and an emotionally affecting ending.

Reuniting with his Captain Phillips director Paul Greengrass, Hanks plays Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, who has been travelling from town to town reading the news to locals following the end of the Civil War five years before. The year is 1870 and Captain Kidd is setting off from Wichita Falls in Texas following a reading and comes across a hanged man, an overturned wagon and a young blonde-haired girl dressed in Native American clothing who is unable to speak English. He discovers official papers that reveal Johanna (Helena Zengel) is a German orphan who has been living with the Kiowa tribe for the past six years after they killed her family and kidnapped her. She was in the process of being taken back to her aunt and uncle in Castroville, some 400 miles away. After the authorities aren’t much help, Kidd eventually decides to return her himself.

News of the World is basically a story of two people getting from point A to point B and moves along at a slow and leisurely pace. But it’s never boring because I liked watching the Captain and Johanna slowly form a connection and something like a father-daughter bond, despite the language and cultural barriers. Their relationship is the key here and the movie’s greatest strength, but the journey would still be quite dull if there weren’t any hurdles along the way, so thankfully, there are some tense encounters with antagonists to up the thrill factor. The stakes during these moments didn’t feel too high though because, you know, it’s Hanks! He’s got to succeed and save the day! He’s the hero and he really goes above and beyond to protect a child he barely knows, even when his life is in danger and he’d have less stress if he just cut her loose.

Hanks is reliably excellent as the good-natured captain and warm-hearted paternal figure, but the revelation here is Zengel. The 12-year-old German star – who gained notice with her lead performance in 2019 German movie System Crasher – recently earned Golden Globe, Critics Choice and SAG nominations for her supporting role and it’s easy to see why. She’s a marvel as the fiery Johanna and doesn’t let the side down when paired with a seasoned Hollywood veteran like Hanks. Johanna tends to speak Kiowa first, so Zengel had to grapple with a new language in addition to everything else. She’s a quiet, insular person who keeps speech to a minimum but you know exactly what she’s thinking as her face says it all and her acting in the latter stretch is terrific.

News of the World, written by Greengrass and Luke Davies, has stunning cinematography depicting the dusty Texas plains and a strong central relationship that I cared about. Yes, it’s possibly a bit too slow but your patience will be rewarded with an extremely satisfying emotional payoff at the end. I’ve seen it twice and it’s even better the second time around.

Streaming on Netflix from Wednesday 10th February

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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