The Party: LFF Film Review 

Sally Potter seems to have taken the saying ‘leave them wanting more’ to heart when making The Party, which is only 71 minutes. I love a running time like that as I hate films which outstay their welcome, but it really felt too short – I was genuinely left wanting more!

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Denial: Film Review


Denial doesn’t seem like a bundle of laughs – a courtroom drama about whether the Holocaust happened hardly makes for an enjoyable night at the cinema. However, it’s not as depressing or dense as you would expect, and it is poignant and absolutely fascinating.

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Alice Through the Looking Glass: Film Review


My reaction to 2010’s Alice in Wonderland was distinctly average – it was ‘meh’, alright but forgettable – so I wasn’t massively looking forward to this sequel, which has taken a big six-year gap and switched directors from Tim Burton to James Bobin. The box office takings were huge, but this sequel still feels unwarranted.

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The Love Punch: Review


Now, I knew this wasn’t going to be ground-breaking stuff but I wanted to see it because I love both Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan and it looked hilarious. And it was. So if you want a nice, enjoyable watch than this is great.

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