Archive: Film Review


2021 is starting off strong in the sci-fi genre thanks to Archive, starring Theo James and Stacy Martin.

Gavin Rothery‘s directorial debut is set in 2038 and follows scientist George Almore (James), who is working on his latest prototype of true human-equivalent artificial intelligence in a remote facility in a forest. It’s a tricky process because he has to hide his ultimate goal – being reunited with his dead wife Jules (Martin) – from the company he works for and his boss Simone (Rhona Mitra).

What I loved most about Archive is how we are drip-fed information slowly, so at the beginning, you have very little idea what is going on (I hadn’t watched the trailer or read the synopsis, so I was truly in the dark) and you can slowly fit the puzzle pieces together as the layers are peeled back gradually, mostly through flashbacks. The mystery gripped me from the start as I couldn’t wait to know what was going on and was really paying attention for clues and hints.

I also loved the world Rothery created. The setting reminded me of Ex Machina as the facility is set in a beautiful landscape in the middle of nowhere. For a long time, we have no idea where George is, why he is alone except for his robot prototypes, and what the mysterious black Archive box is all about. It was a fascinating setup.

I was impressed by how much empathy I had for J2 (voiced by Martin) – George’s second prototype – even though she is a bulky robot without a proper face. I really felt for her struggle with jealousy and building resentment as George casts her aside for J3 and she’s no longer useful or his favourite. I felt like that character (I know she’s just a robot) deserved a better ending.

This story had the potential to go in so many different directions and I couldn’t wait to see how it all came together. I had super high expectations for it and was ultimately let down by the ending. It was a shocker and I certainly didn’t see it coming – it confused me and I’m not entirely sure it made sense. I rewatched it (the luxury of a screening link) to make sure that I caught all the details. It’s mind-blowing but not the direction I would have gone for.

I don’t really go much on James as an actor but I thought he was well cast here, although the star of the show is Martin as she has a few different roles to play and she easily rises to the challenge. Although I wasn’t completely sold on the ending, I still think Archive is worth a watch for its ideas, imagination, and the world Rothery created.

Available for digital download from Monday 18th January

Rating: 4 out of 5.

War on Everyone: Film Review


War on Everyone is a buddy cop film like no other. It is gloriously dark, unapologetically un-PC and very, very funny, which is kinda what we’ve come to expect from director John Michael McDonagh.

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Divergent fans deserve better than a TV movie


Shailene Woodley and Theo James as Tris and Four

This week it was revealed that the final Divergent movie, Ascendant, could be released as a TV movie rather than a theatrical release and I couldn’t believe it. Yes, the films have decreased in quality and box office figures but to bow out now is just a kick in the teeth for fans.

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Film Review


The issue with the Divergent franchise is that it has always been far too similar, and not as good as, The Hunger Games, which also suffered a slump in its third movie because the final book was unnecessarily split into two films – an obvious money-spinning ploy which negatively impacts the momentum and energy of the movies. The Divergent series has never been amazing, but Allegiant is a new low that won’t even please fans of the novel.

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What happened to the Allegiant promo?!


The third Divergent film Allegiant came out today in the U.K. You would be forgiven for not knowing that because there has been no promo over here which is odd because Shailene Woodley and Theo James were everywhere for the previous two films. So why have they cut all the promo?

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Top Films for March


It’s that time of the month again guys – movie preview time! There isn’t a huge amount of exciting releases to choose from in March so the list is more compact than usual. But as the saying goes, it’s all about quality over quantity and there seems to be some pretty decent movies on the horizon. Here are my picks:

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Insurgent: Film Review


I have been bitching about the Divergent sequel Insurgent for ages because I was not impressed by the trailer and it seemed like a completely different film to the first one. It has a different feel and look, sure, as there is a new director (Robert Schwentke), but I liked it as much as, if it not more than, Divergent. I feel like the franchise has found its feet and this is a proper action movie.

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Insurgent World Premiere: All the gossip


Tonight I saw Shailene Woodley and Theo James AGAIN (two days in a row woohoo!) as they continued to promote Insurgent. The film premiere was definitely geared towards the fans as competition winners were given assigned seating (yes, seating at a premiere!) and they got a special Q&A before the film too, which I thought was very sweet.

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Shailene Woodley and Theo James: Insurgent Q&A


Tonight Theo James and Shailene Woodley came to London’s Apple Store for a Q&A about the latest Divergent film Insurgent. The crowd packed into the store was HUUUGE and mainly full of screaming girls. I was nowhere near the front, hence the crap picture!

The pair did the same event last year (read about it here) and that was probably more exciting as they were more enthusiastic and fun. That’s not to say they were terrible, but I could almost feel they were fed up of repeating the same answers all day.

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Top Films for April



I have already seen this and as a fan of the book, I give it a big thumbs-up. It deserves more but it has been lumped into the same boat as The Hunger Games and will not fare as well in comparison. Read my review here. Shailene Woodley stars as Tris in this dystopian world where the inhabitants are split into factions. She doesn’t fit into one, she is divergent, and that makes her dangerous. Released: 4th

The Double

I want to see this purely to see Jesse Eisenberg plays two people – his shy, boring character goes so unnoticed that nobody is aware of the weirdness when his mega-confident doppelganger arrives. This looks so interesting. Released: 4th [Read more…]