Why you should catch Vanessa Kirby’s performance in Julie in cinemas

Vanessa Kirby‘s run in the National Theatre’s Julie ended last weekend, but I would highly recommend you catch it when it screens in cinemas over September and October, because her performance is incredible.

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The Lieutenant of Inishmore: Theatre Review

Most people would assume I booked tickets to see The Lieutenant of Inishmore purely because of Aidan Turner, and while the star casting is usually the main reason for my theatre trips, this time I was more there for Martin McDonagh‘s writing, as I loved his scripts for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and In Bruges and wanted to check out his stage work.

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Theatre Review: Orlando Bloom is the weakest link in Killer Joe 

Orlando Bloom was one of the main reasons I booked tickets to see Killer Joe – besides really liking the Matthew McConaughey-starring film – but his performance was the one I ended up watching the least because he was easily outshone by everyone else.

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Fatal Attraction: Theatre Review


So I booked tickets for the West End adaptation of Fatal Attraction before the cast was even announced – I was just intrigued to see how such a taut psychological thriller would be pulled off onstage. It is a version of the 1987 movie starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close. I didn’t know who Mark Bazeley was but I was very happy to see that the female leads would be played by Natasha McElhone (The Truman Show, Solaris) and Kristin Davis from Sex and the City.

The plot in a quick nutshell: Dan (Bazeley) is married to Beth (Davis) and they live in NYC with the daughter Ellen. He is left in the city on his own one weekend and he meets Alex (McElhone) in a bar. It was supposed to be a one-night-stand but it is slowly revealed that Alex has psychological problems and won’t let Dan leave, she cuts herself to get his attention, phones him all the time, shows up his family home. She will not stop until he leaves his wife for her.

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