Films I’m looking forward to in 2019

It’s the start of a new year so tradition dictates that I do my annual preview of films coming out across the year. There are plenty of movies I’m excited to see in 2019, but I’ve managed to chop it down to ten (I tried really hard to make sure it’s not all reboots and sequels in here but I didn’t do too well on that front).

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The Lion King: The new trailer has filled me with hope

Back in September 2016, when the “live-action” (it’s not live-action FYI) remake of 1994’s The Lion King was announced, I wrote a blog post voicing my concerns, but the trailer has settled these worries and filled me with hope, joy and excitement.

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The Lion King remake: Why I’m so worried


Today Walt Disney Studios confirmed they are bringing us a “new reimagining” of their 1993 animated classic The Lion King. This is hardly a surprise as they’ve been doing it for a while with Maleficent, Cinderella and most recently The Jungle Book, an impressive CGI spectacular which I loved and it was a massive success critically and commercially. But The Lion King means far more to me than those titles, so I’m very worried about it being good.

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