My top ten films of 2016


Welcome back, folks! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break. Now is the time to look back over the year in film releases and pick my favourites. These are restricted to films released in the U.K. in 2016 – so it may include films I actually saw in late 2015 and although I desperately wanted to put La La Land, Hacksaw Ridge, Lion and Free Fire on this list, they aren’t out until 2017, so unfortunately they don’t make the cut.

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Jon Favreau chats about The Jungle Book filming process

jon crop

Director Jon Favreau came to the Apple Store in London last week to chat about The Jungle Book and I obviously had to go and check it out cos I’m a big fan of his acting/directing work – ever since he was the Ultimate Fighting Champion on Friends!

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The Jungle Book: Film Review


I groaned when The Jungle Book was announced and didn’t feel any hype when the trailer came out. I just didn’t want this beloved tale to be rebooted and I am very against an overreliance on CGI. But I was wrong. The effects capabilities here are beyond anything I have ever seen before – the animals and locations are so realistic and this is the first film since Avatar were 3D actually made a difference. I loved it wholeheartedly.

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