The BFG: Film Review


Usually when reboots are announced I groan, but I was actually excited for The BFG because I love Roald Dahl‘s stories, had seen the cartoon-style animation years ago, but could barely remember it, and I knew it would be safe in the hands of Steven Spielberg. My initial feelings were right – this is a perfect kids film that will introduce the story to a whole new generation.

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Top Films for July


A new month is here and once again, here are the films I’m most excited about seeing – sadly, nothing on the list is an original idea and it’s mainly sequels or reboots/adaptations. There are a number of obvious choices I have missed off the list for legit reasons, such as Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (this was popular before my time), The Legend of Tarzan (I’ve seen it and I don’t recommend), Central Intelligence (it’s alright) and The Neon Demon (I don’t think I’ll like it).

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