Eddie the Eagle premiere: Pics & gossip

Taron & Hugh

Taron & Hugh

Tonight was the London premiere of Eddie the Eagle starring Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman (above). I was excited for this one because I have a massive crush on Taron (if you weren’t already aware) and I had never seen Hugh in the flesh before. Sadly I didn’t get press access but being in the fan pen actually worked quite nicely. So here’s the lowdown from the fan side of things (for the first time in ages!)

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Robbie has left Take That again

Gary Barlow has confirmed that Robbie Williams has once again left Take That to pursue his solo career.

During the Radio Times interview Gary said; ‘It was beautiful. We got on well. We finished the tour. We’re all happy. The fans have come along and been happy. Now Rob’s doing a solo record, and from this point it’s back to where it was.’

He added that they ended amicably and Robbie was always welcome to come back once he had done his solo project.

In 2010, the band announced Robbie would reunite with them for their Progress tour the following year, the first time they have been a five-piece in sixteen years. Now the tour is over, things are back to the way they were. But it is obvious that Gary and Robbie remain good friends- just look at how they were together on the X Factor last weekend.

However, a spokesperson said that the band are “on a break” rather than splitting up.

He said in a statement: ‘I can confirm that the band are not splitting and there is no pending announcement of a split.

‘The band are on a break, Gary is doing X Factor and Robbie is working on his new solo album.’

I am glad about this. Since this year’s X Factor, I have really grown to like Gary and I’m glad him and Robbie still get on and there is a possibility that they might work together again. I don’t think this means the end for them as a five-piece.