Assassination Nation: Film Review

Assassination Nation was one of the films on my watch list for the London Film Festival and I was gutted to miss it at the time but it turns out I didn’t miss out on too much, because it was cool but very messy.

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Top Films for February


It’s the start of a new month which means my usual ‘what to watch’ list. Most of January’s list was comprised of the U.K. playing catch up with releases that had been out in the U.S. for months – but in February we finally get some actual 2016 movies like Deadpool and Zoolander 2. YAAAAY! Here’s my run-down of February highlights:

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Love, Rosie: Film Review


I do love a British romantic comedy and this does not disappoint. Sure, it is cheesy and predictable (aren’t they all?) but I enjoyed the ride of this one so much. I loved it and found it charming so I threw all out all reservations about the quality because I was just enjoying it too much.

Lily Collins plays Rosie, who has been best friends with Alex (Sam Claflin) since they were kids but have always been curious about the nature of their friendship. Could they be more? Do they want to be more? Circumstances tear them apart with Alex moving to university in America and Rosie getting pregnant and dropping her dreams to become a mother. Can their friendship endured these tests?

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Love, Rosie U.K. premiere

love rosie

So the stars of Love, Rosie stepped on the red carpet in London for the U.K. premiere of the rom-com starring Lily Collins and Sam Clafin. They play two best friends who think perhaps they should be romantically involved but before they can wonder much more he jets off to university in America and she falls pregnant and many life hurdles are thrown in their way.

Sadly, due to the dismal weather and the stars turning up late, we didn’t get to see them all – especially Sam and model Suki Waterhouse (who is dating Bradley Cooper). I barely saw them at all, which is a shame because I have seen Sam at premieres as a fan before and he is brilliant. We managed to get a few words from Lily (and a mean a few, she was rushing) and her co-star Tamsin Egerton, best known from St. Trinian’s.

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