Q&A with Luke Davies and Felix Van Groeningen at the Beautiful Boy LFF premiere

I did really well for interviews at the Beautiful Boy LFF premiere – not only did I chat to Steve Carell and the real-life David Sheff (read those here), but I got to speak to screenwriter Luke Davies and director and co-writer Felix Van Groeningen. Here are my interviews.

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Q&A with Steve Carell and David Sheff at the Beautiful Boy LFF premiere

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking to Steve Carell and David Sheff at the Beautiful Boy London Film Festival premiere – and here are the interviews.

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Beautiful Boy: LFF Film Review

I have been a huge fan of Timothee Chalamet since I saw Call Me By Your Name and I even championed him to win the Oscar for this performance (still believe he was robbed!) so obviously I was going to check out Beautiful Boy, which puts him firmly back in the Oscars race once again.

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Timothee Chalamet and Steve Carell at the Beautiful Boy LFF premiere: My pics

Tonight the stars of Beautiful Boy hit London’s Leicester Square for its London Film Festival premiere – and I have all the pics of Timothee Chalamet and Steve Carell right here.

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Battle of the Sexes: Film Review

Battle of the Sexes was one of the films I was most excited to see at the London Film Festival because I felt confident that I would love it, and I was right. If I had seen it at LFF (I was gutted I missed it), it would have been in my top 10 without a doubt.

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London Film Festival 2017: Ten films I really want to see

There are so many films on the 2017 London Film Festival programme that I’m keen to see and I know I will never see them all.

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Cafe Society: Film Review


I am not what you would call a Woody Allen fan – I like some of his movies but I probably dislike a great deal more – and I wasn’t won over by his most recent efforts Irrational Man or Magic in the Moonlight. I haven’t truly liked one since Midnight in Paris in 2011. But Café Society is one of his strongest movies in recent times and while it’s not completely flawless, I was pleasantly surprised by it.

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Freeheld: Film Review


Freeheld has been out in America for a long time and the reviews haven’t been that great but I had still been keen to watch it. I’m glad it is finally in cinemas here so people can learn about this important story in LGBT rights history.

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The Big Short: Film Review


I did not expect a film about the financial crisis to be interesting and entertaining, but The Big Short manages to do both thanks to a terrific cast including Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt and a script which tries hard to make the financial jargon simple.

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Top Films for January


A new month and year is rapidly approaching and January brings with it an amazing selection of new films. The month always seems to be filled with stellar movies and Oscar bait and this one is no exception. We also have a lot of movies that have been out in the US for a while so I can’t wait to finally see them. Here are my picks:

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