The King of Staten Island: Film Review

The King of Staten Island

Pete Davidson gives us an insight into his life with his semi-autobiographical comedy, The King of Staten Island.

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The Dead Don’t Die: Film Review

I was excited about Jim Jarmusch‘s new zombie comedy, The Dead Don’t Die, because I like so many members of the ridiculously amazing star-studded cast, but to say I was let down is quite the understatement.

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Lean on Pete: Film Review

Lean on Pete was a movie I missed at the London Film Festival, and it was only afterwards that I realised I missed out on something special. I made it a priority to check it out ahead of its release, and I’m glad I did because it is so good.

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The Death of Stalin: Film Review

I wasn’t sure about The Death of Stalin to be honest as it really didn’t seem like my cup of tea but I gave it a shot as the reviews have been glowing, and my suspicions were confirmed – it really isn’t my thing.

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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone: Review


I was a bit unsure about this when I first saw the trailer. It had a great comedy cast, it was about magic (which is a brilliant idea) and it seemed pretty funny. Sadly, most of the laughs are in the trailer. There are a few besides that, but not the laugh-out-loud kind. It is enjoyable to watch but very predictable.

Steve Carrell plays the title character, who began practising magic as a young kid along with his partner, Anton Marvelton (Steve Buscemi). The pair now have a magic show in Bally’s in Vegas. Ten years on, they are performing the same, tired routine and cannot stand to be around each other. Burt thinks he is a star; he is arrogant, sex-driven and thinks he is better than the show. The show now has poor tickets sales and the pair can’t figure out to keep their act fresh for the youth today, so it gets cancelled and the two part ways.


Burt has no money and has to start taking basic entertainer gigs to pay the bills. He has a hard time competing against Steve Gray (Jim Carrey), a newcomer who is changing the face of magic with stunts of will such as holding in his urine and sleeping on hot coals. While on an entertainer job, he meets his childhood magic hero, Rance Holloway, who makes him lose his ego and love magic again.

It is so funny in the beginning as we get to see some of Burt & Anton’s show, their costumes, tans, cheesy on-stage banter and crazy hair. That may have worked in the 90s but they look seriously outdated now. Problem is that Burt thinks the show is amazing and it doesn’t need to change, which ends up being his downfall. I also love the introduction of Steve and his crazy antics for his show “Brain Rapist”. Problem is that there wasn’t much laugh-out-loud humour- it was funny in the awkward sense or the “this is weird” sense. Jim Carrey and Alan Arkin were the funniest but they weren’t in it much at all.


I loved the characterisation of Burt as the arsehole in the beginning, particularly in “the hot box” scene, which was pretty funny. After the show goes down the pan, it just gets rather sentimental and clichéd, in which he is rediscovering his love for magic and entertaining people. It just seems to happen too quickly without him really noticing what he did wrong, except with his old assistant Jane, played by Olivia Wilde (who was grossly underused).

It was very predictable because you know all along that he will turn it around and be friends with Anton again. His romance with Jane was ridiculous and it couldn’t possibly happen after the way he had treated her. Steve Buscemi looked really out of place and only shone in the hot box scene and his trip to Cambodia. James Gandolfini was perfect as the Bally’s CEO.


Basically, Jim was on top form- he looks so different and he was back doing psychical comedy. Alan Arkin was brilliant and both of them stole the scenes they were in, which wasn’t many. This meant that it failed in most areas. I just wish Steve Carrell would be a bit different and that Wilde had more to do. I loved the beginning and the magic idea but there is no originality to the general plot after that. It was too predictable and not funny enough. Pleasant but flawed watch.

Videos: Scary Movie 5, Steve Carrell new movie & gun violence celeb PSA

Gun Violence PSA

This is such poignant public service announcement. All the stars must have rushed to get this commercial made after the Sandy Hook shooting- there are SO many faces in this! It provides a dramatic message- demand change on gun control laws.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

This new Steve Carrell movie looks hilarious. I don’t know if I would go the cinema but I would certainly love to see it. He stars as one half of a magic act, alongside Steve Buscemi. Their act isn’t selling tickets anymore because of Jim Carrey’s character, a David Blaine type who does more stunts of human will than magic. The magic duo must step up their game to compete with him- but can they do it?! Also starring Alan Arkin and Olivia Wilde.


 Scary Movie 5

Okay so I hate the Scary Movies now. They are no longer good and cannot believe Ashley Tisdale agreed to be the lead in this. The reason I’m posted it is because of the cameo scene with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in bed. That looks like the only genuinely funny scene in the film and we’ve pretty much seen it all. Watch as Lindsay screams at the TV!