The Amazing Spider-Man 2 World Premiere: Quotes


So last night’s premiere in Leicester Square was the first time I got access to the media pen! WOOP WOOP. It was great in that I got to see all the celebs and take some pics but sadly, I didn’t get to speak to everyone EXCEPT the main man Andrew Garfield!

Here’s the (very brief) conversation:

What’s the most challenging aspect of filming?

Every aspect. It’s terrifying to take on such a huge role. Who in their right mind would allow themselves to be open to such criticism and such attack? I have no idea why I’m here.


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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: World Premiere


Tonight the stars of The Amazing Spiderman 2 came to London’s Leicester Square for the world premiere and here’s the inside track.

Andrew Garfield 

What a sweetheart. He arrived early so he could fit everyone in but he was still running late because he was being so attentive to everyone. That sounds like I’m kissing his arse but I honestly didn’t think really highly of him before tonight but he has changed my opinion of him completely. The nicest, most genuine guy. He wanted to please everybody, he had great energy, tried his hardest to see everyone and give great answers to questions we asked even though he was under pressure, running out of time and the film was waiting for him to start.

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