Baby Done: Film Review

Baby Done

If you’re in the mood for a good hearty laugh then look no further than New Zealand’s latest comedy Baby Done.

The movie stars comedian Rose Matafeo as Zoe, who completely freaks out when she discovers she’s pregnant and goes into major denial mode. She sees herself as a fun, carefree, wild person and is scared of becoming a “boring” mum, even though she wants a baby. She feels like she hasn’t ticked all her planned adventures off her bucket list and attempts to rush through her dreams before the baby arrives, while her boyfriend Tim (Matthew Lewis) embraces fatherhood and goes into nesting mode.

Baby Done is written by Sophie Henderson and directed by her husband Curtis Vowell and is a semi-autobiographical story inspired by their own reaction to starting a family, and you can tell because it feels so personal and well-observed. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to Zoe’s panicked reaction of feeling like they haven’t achieved anything with their life before becoming a parent, but here, it’s heightened for the sake of comedy.

It takes a turn in the third act that I didn’t care for so much. Zoe went from being relatable and believable to being unreasonable, annoying, and quite immature and silly. It wasn’t enough to turn me off the film completely though as her ridiculous antics were still entertaining and thankfully, it circled back to a satisfying conclusion.

Matafeo is hilarious and charming and she was well-matched with Lewis, who I have never seen act outside of a Harry Potter film! He was absolutely lovely and the mature and solid centre of the film, while Matafeo does her freaking out. I also really enjoyed Emily Barclay (who I recognised from Babyteeth) as Zoe’s wild best friend Molly; she made me laugh the most as her line delivery is just incredible.

Baby Done is a sweet, charming, and enjoyable film that I would highly recommend if you fancy a fun uplifting watch.

Baby Done is available on digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Sky, Virgin, Google / YouTube, Rakuten, BT, Playstation, Microsoft, Curzon Home Cinema, and BFI Player from Friday 22nd January

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.