Emmys 2015: Best & Worst Dressed

Awards season is officially underway, which means more red carpet fashion analysis woohoo! I’m not huge into fashion but I love checking out what the celebs choose for these fancy ceremonies. One of my favourites from last night’s Emmys is Emma Roberts, who looks absolutely gorgeous in this pale gown. I have just given the highlights of the best & worst, but I must admit, most fell into the ‘meh’ category, where was just boring and uninspired so they got ignored. The ones I have chosen inspire a reaction.

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Hot Pursuit: Film Review

Hot Pursuit has been out in the U.S. for aaages and it is finally released in the U.K. this week and while its standard comedy fare and not particularly noteworthy, it is still pretty good if you want some easy laughs.

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Chef: Film Review


I wanted to see this because it looked funny, heart-warming and had a stellar cast. I was certainly right about that and what makes it even better is the food. Like any culinary-based film, you will end up being hungry and the food made here looks gorgeous. It’s like food porn, basically.

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Big Pics: Sofia Vergara, Orlando Bloom & Michelle Williams

Sofia Vergara 


Here’s the moment when Sofia had a nip slip when her fiance Nick had an altercation in a club on New Year’s. This picture surfaced later in the week- Sofia was caught in the scuffle and ended up on the floor. To be fair, she wasn’t exactly covering her breasts much to begin with…just take a look below.


Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr


Orlando and wife Miranda put paid to separation rumours by showing their affection in public. However, I’m not convinced because they look very awkward and it doesn’t look genuine.


Jason Segel & Michelle Williams


These are just ANOTHER couple who have gone on holiday over new year! Still jealous! The pair were in Cancun, Mexico and Michelle covered up her fair skin with a shirt and hat. They were also seen with actress Busy Phillips, complete with baby bump.


AnnaSophia Robb


Robb channels 60s model Twiggy in her shoot for Teen Vogue. She is promoting her new TV show, The Carrie Diaries, which premieres next Monday (14th January)- I cannot wait! She will be playing the lead role of Carrie Bradshaw, which are certainly big shoes to fill.

During the interview, Robb spoke about her reluctance to do TV:  “When I was younger, I didn’t want to be on TV. I made a conscious decision to stay away from Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel—not that they’re not great companies, but because I wanted to play different kinds of roles and have the freedom to choose my projects.

“So when my agent called about this job, I said no way. TV was too much of a commitment. I realized it was actually a really strong story. It had a lot of heart and integrity, and Carrie seems like a character that I can grow with.”

Big Pics: Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Tisdale & Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield 


Emma Stone and Andrew have taken their relationship to the next level by adopting this golden retriever. Isn’t it adorable?!

Sofia Vergara


There is no denying that Sofia looks good in this bikini but it is a horrible choice! There are far too many cut away parts and it is far too revealing. I was shocked (and impressed) when I first saw this.  But if she can still work it at 40, then why not.

Ashley Tisdale 


It certainly looks like Ashley has got herself a new man considering he has his hand around her waist. It is unclear how long Ashley has been dating musician Christopher French for. She finished her two-year relationship with director Scott Speer last year.

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux


Firstly, I just want to show my appreciation for how good this couple look! The pair were on holiday (like every other celeb!) in Cabo San Lucas. They were joined by Emily Blunt and John Krasinski- who you can see chilling on a sun lounger on the right of the picture below.


There were also joined by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and his fianceé, who you can see on the right in the next picture.


I love seeing celebs being friends and going on holiday together means they must be close. I had no idea Emily and Jennifer knew each other, let alone holidayed together. It wasn’t a group of people I would expect to see and that’s what makes these pictures more interesting.

Big Pics: Natalie Portman, Bradley Cooper & Gaga

Natalie Portman 

Check out Natalie Portman’s new blonde hair! I love it! I didn’t think I would when I heard about her dye job but it really suits her. I love her brunette as well as I hope she returns to her usual shade at some point. The actress was at the Walt Disney Concert Hall to support the LA Dance Project which was presented by her husband Benjamin Millipied.

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana 

They are back together judging by this picture! The pair were spotted heading out to the cinema at the weekend. They had dated briefly earlier in the year but we definitely still off at the premiere of their movie, The Words, earlier this month.

Sofia Vergara 

You are probably wondering what this is picture of and believe it or not, it is of Sofia’s thonged bottom! The actress tweeted her wardrobe malfunction where the zipper on her dress couldn’t do up before the Emmys! I love that she can laugh at herself and show everyone this pic. And why not, she’s got a great bum!

Here she is in her fully clothed glory:

Lady Gaga 

Gaga took a stand against her critics who have dubbed her “fat” by stripping off and treating her fans to a body shot to prove that she has no weight problems. I originally thought the critics were getting to her after she wore this crazy Bobby-type dress in Paris.

Emmys: Best & Worst Dressed

The Emmy awards, which are like TV Oscars, were held in LA last night and whole host of celebs came out to celebrate. But, of course, I’m mostly interested in the outfits!

I have to admit, this year seems pretty middle of the road- most of them are “nice” or “pretty” and not many of them particularly stand out as good or bad. So baring that in mind, I have made a short list of best and worst dressed but there really isn’t much in it, in fact nobody was tragic and most people looked good. I’ll also give a reason why I dislike because a lot of it is just my personal taste.

One thing is for certain- there were some serious trends going on last night! There was a lot of sequins, yellow, split leg (a la Angelina) and an ample of cleavage (check out Kat Dennings and Christina Hendricks!) I’m certainly a fan on the yellow trend- as you will see from my choices!



Leslie Mann 

Claire Danes

Allison Williams (from Girls) 

Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory) 

Guiliana Rancic

Maria Menounos


Christine Baranski

It’s not the dress that bothers me but Christine just didn’t pick something age appropriate. A 60-year-old shouldn’t really be wearing something that short with sequins!  

January Jones

I seriously dislike this and I think it’s too gothic. Her slicked back hair is too harsh as well.

Hayden Panettiere

I may have liked the dress underneath on its own but the blue/purple netting on top is awful.

Lucy Liu

I’m not a fan of sequins and her dress is literally a panel of sequins. No no!

Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) 

Again, like January, it is very gothic. The netting reminds me of a witch!

And the one who everyone is talking about….

Sofia Vergara

When Sofia stepped onto the carpet, Twitter went mad over her outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I think she looks hot and there is definitely some cool mermaid vibe going on but it really isn’t my taste. Very shiny and the bodice part has the texture of a disco ball.

One Direction double-whammy of hit US TV shows

Last night fully confirms just how popular One Direction are across the pond as they appeared in two hit TV shows- iCarly and Saturday Night Live.

iCarly had been recorded for a while now but it aired on Nickelodeon last night, marking the second episode of season 6. The boys (Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis) perform on Carly’s show but they also do a bit of acting. Harry seems to take on the biggest role as he becomes ill with “jungle worms” after catching it from Carly (Miranda Cosgrove). Check out the clip below. You can see the full overview of their appearance in the bottom video.

I don’t think their acting abilities are THAT amazing but producers obviously don’t care about this- they just want them on the show regardless! I’m sure it would be a plus if they could act but I reckon all they care about is pulling in the viewers- which I’m sure it will do. iCarly averages around 4 million viewers per episode.

Next, the boys appear on Saturday Night Live- which as the name suggests, is recorded live. The boys have been in the studio rehearsing for the show for most of the week, along with the night’s host, Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, and the regular SNL crew. The boys perform two songs as well as getting involved in a skit (which I can’t seem to get hold of unfortunately).

These shows are just a further example of how well One Direction are doing in America. I don’t think anyone could have anticipated it. This week, the boys sold out Madison Square Garden in New York in under an hour. That is a concert capacity of 20,000. That is INSANE, considering they have only released “What Makes You Beautiful” over there. I’m very impressed. They’ve certainly come along way from being put together on The X Factor. Go on boys!

Here is the full promo for their episode of iCarly called iGo One Direction: