The Beach Bum: Film Review

With a cast which includes Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron and Jonah Hill, I figured Harmony Korine‘s The Beach Bum would be an enjoyable way to spend 95 minutes – but it’s not.

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All Eyez on Me: Film Review

I always love a movie that sheds light on an incredible life story and All Eyez on Me does exactly that. Obviously, a lot of people will already know about Tupac Shakur‘s life but I really didn’t – I don’t know much of his music and I didn’t know much besides his death – so this biopic was incredibly informative and interesting.

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Straight Outta Compton: Film Review


I feel like I have had a serious education about N.W.A. and the general 80s/90s rap scene after watching Straight Outta Compton. It is a powerful slice of music history that I knew literally nothing about which also tackles the violence in Compton and treatment of black Americans by the police, which is still so relevant today.

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Big Pics: Beyoncé, Vanessa Hudgens & Ke$ha



B looks absolutely smoking in these pictures from her H&M summer campaign. What a bod!


Ke$ha & Snoop Lion


God knows why, but Ke$ha and Snoop decided to spark up a suspicious looking cigarette while presenting on-stage at the MTV Movie Awards. That’s blatantly against the law yet MTV haven’t said anything about it. Very strange.

Vanessa Hudgens


She’s always been into boho chic so Vanessa is in her element here. She is wearing hardly anything though! That white outfit isn’t much material- but she does look amazing. Check out another outfit below. She’s rocking the tie dye next to boyfriend Austin Butler.


Ashley Benson


As a huge Pretty Little Liars fan, this picture makes me so happy. Ashley is having such a great time at Coachella with Troian Bellisario. I love them both! I love seeing them hang out off set.

Julianne Hough


Julianne was busting a move at the festival as well. C’mon Jules, we know you have better dance moves than that!


Big Pics: Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez & Rita Ora

Selena Gomez


Selena looks great even though she is wearing the most bizarre outfit! Looking at the bikini, I reckon she’s publicizing her adult role in the upcoming Spring Breakers, in which she spends most of the film in her bikini.

The Saturdays


How glam do The Saturdays look?! It’s amazing how much their look has changed now they’re working the US. This is the first US shoot for Glamoholic magazine. Frankie looks stunning.

Jennifer Lopez


Don’t you think this picture of J.Lo is super unflattering?! The hair looks like straw and her smile has given her horrible lines around her mouth. I doubt she will be impressed with this. On another note, Jen was seen holding a puppy outside Jimmy Kimmel recently. It looks adorable- I want it!


Rita Ora 


Now, we should now by now that Rita loves to Instagram every moment of her holidays rather than just enjoy them like a normal person. I think she likes to make people jealous. Here she is riding an elephant while on holiday in Thailand. She also hanging out with Snoop Dogg (I suppose I should start calling him Snoop Lion).