Logan Lucky: Film Review 

I had been excited for Logan Lucky for a while because I LOVE the cast, Steven Soderbergh movies and the trailer made it look absolutely hilarious. I must admit that while it is very good, it is not quite the fun-filled riot I expected it to be.

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Channing Tatum and Adam Driver at the Logan Lucky premiere – My Pics 

Tonight, Channing Tatum and Adam Driver hit the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square to promote their new movie Logan Lucky with their director Steven Soderbergh, and I have all the pictures!

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Ted 2: Film Review


Although Ted was a commercial and critical success back in 2012, I was still quite surprised when the sequel was announced because I didn’t think the storyline lent itself to anything more. And that does show here as the plot is pretty thin and it is more of the same. It’s still pretty good fun though.

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Top film recommendations for July


The month of July is here – I know, it’s come around so fast! – and we are well and truly into blockbuster season. But there are still plenty of others offer so here are top six movies I cannot wait to see this movie.

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Videos: Best Bits from the Oscars show

Jennifer Lawrence falls over

Unless you’ve been in a cave today, you will have heard that Jennifer fell over on the way to accept her award for Best Leading Actress. It is such a mortifying situation so she had to praised for how she handled it. She addressed it and then carried on as normal. It makes me like her even more. Poor girl- her dress rips at the SAGs and now this!

Seth MacFarlane opening monologue

Sadly, this video is only a recap of the monologue (for a full video of it, see here). There was some concerns that Seth’s dirty humour wouldn’t go down too well and the comments on his performance are definitely split. I personally enjoyed the musical numbers and the sketches but his stand-up comedy was awkward and the whole monologue was a bit too long. I do have a clip of Seth’s tongue-in-cheek song named “We Saw Your Boobs”.

Clip of Adele’s performance and speech 

Adele performed at the Oscars last night for the first time since the birth of her child. She also picked up the Oscar for Best Original Song, and here you can see her getting a bit emotional.

Les Misérables cast perform

Proving that they can all sing live- the entire cast of Les Mis performed One Day More on the stage as part of the celebration of musicals. It was amazing to see.