Destroyer: Film Review

Everyone is talking about Nicole Kidman‘s transformation in Destroyer and there is a reason for that – it is jaw-droppingly incredible and she looks almost unrecognisable, and her performance is top notch too. However, the film itself is slow, depressing and pretty dull.

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I, Tonya: Film Review

Most people will have heard of the name Tonya Harding and will think they know all about her and what she did – so I, Tonya presents a gripping and interesting look at the figure skater’s life in an unusual biopic style.

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Logan Lucky: Film Review 

I had been excited for Logan Lucky for a while because I LOVE the cast, Steven Soderbergh movies and the trailer made it look absolutely hilarious. I must admit that while it is very good, it is not quite the fun-filled riot I expected it to be.

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I couldn’t access Captain America: Civil premiere cos of silly wristbands


I previously attended both the Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron premieres at London’s Westfield shopping centre and I had no problem entering the fans pens even though I arrived after work between 3-4pm the day of. I had hoped this would be the same for Captain America: Civil War premiere – but I was wrong, you had to have wristbands, and this is so disappointing.

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Anthony Mackie & Paul Bettany own the Captain America: Civil War press conference


Today I attended the London press conference for Captain America: Civil War featuring such a large panel that they couldn’t use the usual table and microphone set up and have to stagger them over two levels with lounge chairs! We have (deep breath), from left to right, above: Producer Kevin Feige, Elizabeth Olsen, Daniel Bruhl, Sebastian Stan (hidden), Anthony Mackie, Paul Rudd, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey, Jr., Anthony Russo, Paul Bettany, Joe Russo and Emily VanCamp.

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Captain America: Civil War – Film Review


I watched Captain America: Civil War a couple of days ago and I have been putting off writing my review because I was so overwhelmed by the amount of characters and stories in one movie, yet the Russo brothers somehow managed to juggle it all perfectly and make an incredible superhero film.

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The Martian: Film Review


I have been excited for The Martian for such a long time and I even read the book in time for release, and this is even better than Andy Weir’s novel, which is something I NEVER say. My favourite thing about it is the humour – it is possibly one of the funniest sci-fis I have ever seen and the most feel-good film Ridley Scott has ever made.

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Ricki and The Flash: Film Review


Is there anything Meryl Streep cannot do?! She can convincingly play any role she is given! In Ricki and the Flash is playing the wannabe rockstar Ricki and she is so fabulous, edgy and complicated in this fun-filled comedy-drama.

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My Pics: Captain America The Winter Soldier U.K. Premiere


So tonight the stars of Captain America: The Winter Soldier came to Westfield Shopping Centre in London for the U.K. premiere. It was totally nuts but very exciting too. Being in a shopping centre is quite unique to the usual Leicester Square but it was good in that I went up on the second floor and could look down on all the action.

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Gone: Review

This is a good cat-and-mouse thriller- it is very tense and it almost edges on horror territory in some places. Amanda Seyfriend is brilliant (as always!) as Jill, a victim of a kidnapping and attempted murder. A year before the film takes place, Jill was abducted and left in a deep hole in the middle of the woods. Whilst waiting to die down there in the dark, she comes across human remains and realises she is at the hands of a serial killer. When the killer comes down the hole to kill her, she stabs him with an old bone and escapes. The police to not believe her story because they can’t locate the hole and she ends up in a psychiatric ward.

Very soon into the film, her sister Molly goes missing and she knows the killer has come back. The police don’t want to help because Molly hasn’t been missing for long and they think Jill is overreacting. But Jill knows instinctively that he is back. She thinks he came back for her but found Molly instead. She was the only one who got way before and now he wants to finish the job. The police don’t trust her story because they think she has mental problems. As nobody will help, Jill goes to find Molly herself. She finds out that a locksmith’s van was parked outside her house the night she went missing and then clues just escalate from there.

The police find out that Jill is in possession of a gun and because of her “mental instability”, they need to track her down. So Jill now has the police on her tail. Then follows a car chase and a few near misses. All is not what it seems though and there is a small twist. Towards the end, Jill goes into the woods in pitch black all alone and you know her abductor will be in there somewhere and it is damn scary. I was terrified for her!

The trailer and premise made it seem like this was a psychological thriller and that the focus would be on whether Jill was telling the truth or not. While that is answered in the end, I thought her mental state would have been examined a bit more. I would have liked that. It starts off very quiet and slow as you follow Jill’s life after the accident- she is paranoid, cautious and constantly returns to the woods determined to find the hole. As soon as Molly goes missing, it becomes very fast paced with Jill rushing from one clue to the other and the police in hot pursuit.

You root for Jill to find the killer and the hole so she can prove her sanity to the police and say “I told you so”. Jill kicks ass which I loved because you would expect her to be cowardly but her abduction has actually made her stronger. I did find that Jill found clues too easily and that she got her answer without too much trouble. That wouldn’t happened in reality. There are times when you think she’s about to meet her killer and it is very tense and quite scary but then it’s a false alarm. However, towards the end you know it will be the proper meeting so it gets mega tense!

I thought it was a great thriller and the scenes in the woods were very atmospheric and freaky. Amanda Seyfried was a brilliant casting choice as always. It was nice to see her in something dark. Sebastian Stan plays Molly’s boyfriend and he was incredibly underused. I would have liked to have seen more of him. The pacing was good, the plot was clever and I like the slight twist at the end. It isn’t what you think. It isn’t an obvious choice of thriller, but if you give it a chance, you will enjoy it.