Pacific Rim Uprising: Film Review

I didn’t care the slightest about Pacific Rim when it came out in 2013 – I didn’t even go to watch it in the cinema because giant monsters versus giant robots aren’t appealing to me whatsoever. I did eventually watch it on TV but I didn’t give it my full attention so I made sure to do that with its sequel Pacific Rim Uprising, which is just okay.

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Snowden: Film Review 


Edward Snowden, who exposed the illegal mass surveillance techniques used by the NSA on all US civilians in 2013, is a very interesting person with an incredible story to tell so it’s just a shame that the dramatisation about his life lacks a certain something and isn’t as powerful as the Laura Poitras‘ 2014 documentary Citizenfour.

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I LOVE Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams music video


Okay, so I’m been having conflicted thoughts about Taylor Swift quite recently (see recent posts here) but her new video for Wildest Dreams has secured my love for her once again. No-one is doing videos on such a grand scale as this and honestly, this felt like a mini-movie and I would happily pay to go see the feature length version.

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