Highlights from Alfonso Cuaron’s BAFTA screenwriting lecture

On Sunday, Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron stopped by BAFTA’s London headquarters to talk about his career and his screenwriting process – and here are all the interesting things I learned.

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Ocean’s 8: Film Review

Following the critical mauling the all-female Ghostbusters reboot got (although I personally enjoyed it), I really wanted to like Ocean’s 8, not just because of what it represented for female-led blockbusters, but because I love the ensemble cast and the idea of a female heist comedy. Sadly, it didn’t quite come through.

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Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter & Sarah Paulson at the Ocean’s 8 London premiere


The cast of Ocean’s 8 hit the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square last night for the movie’s European premiere – and here are my pics!

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Oscars 2018: Best & Worst Dressed

This awards season, I have been doing the red carpet analysis for all the major awards shows and we’re now at the climax – the Oscars!

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Ten films I’m most excited about in 2018

I usually do a monthly movie preview, so this is my bumper yearly edition, in which I go through the films I’m most excited about in 2018.

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Our Brand is Crisis: Film Review


Our Brand is Crisis was released in October in the U.S. to the lowest box office takings of Sandra Bullock’s career and a complete mauling from the critics so I did not expect much from this political comedy-drama. It is honestly not as bad as everyone is making out. Sure, it has a lot of problems but I still found it entertaining and interesting.

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Top Films for June


A new month is upon us and it brings an interesting mix of blockbuster, indie, comedy, horror and action. Plenty for everybody! I’ve picked the movies I want to see this June.

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Oscars 2014: Best Dressed

I used to do best and worst dressed at every awards ceremony but I think now I’m going to just to best dressed and celebrate the best. There were no massive faux paus (disappointing) but a lot of people played it safe. I’ve picked the ones that I think are totally stunning and glamorous.

Controversial opinions: 1) I haven’t picked Jennifer Lawrence because I thought her Dior dress was plain and I’m not a fan of peplum. I have higher expectations for her. 2) Everyone has suggested Lupita Nyong’o for best dressed but I’m not including her. I LOVED her gowns so far – particularly her SAG gown – but this did not suit her. The dress itself was gorgeous but it did not complement her because it highlighted her bony chest, which I didn’t consider a good look.

So here are my picks:

Sandra Bullock 


Cate Blanchett 


Margot Robbie (with new hair)


Kristen Bell 


Amy Adams 


Naomi Watts 


And the best pregnancy style….

Olivia Wilde 


Pics: Inside the Kids Choice Awards 2013

You can always expect some fun at the Kids Choice Awards because it is for kids and voted by kids. The guests know that they may end being gunged and their awards are little orange submarines. It isn’t a serious awards show which means that the celebrities can let loose and have fun.

Like Kristen Stewart, for example, who sacrificed her outfit to hung a slimy Sandra Bullock. Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris got gooed while presenting her with the Best Actress submarine and Stewart happily joined in the fun.










Katy Perry also seemed to be having fun. Seriously, this girl seems to be friends with every celebrity. She just seems to know everyone. Here were can see here getting friendly with Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez and Fergie.

What's she screaming about?!

What’s she screaming about?!

Loving the bump! This photo is hilarious

Loving the bump! This photo is hilarious


This is the cutest picture of the night. I knew Kristen and Katy have hung out before but I didn’t know they were this close. Also, I didn’t know Selena knew either of them. Such a great pic!

The Kids Choice Awards will be televised on Nickelodeon at 6pm.


Oscars 2013: Fashion Hits and Misses

As it is the Oscars, celebs go all out with the fashion which means you usually get some really, really great dresses and some truly awful ones. There were no shocks unfortunately (except that you can see Anne Hathaway’s nipples through her dress!) but the poorly dressed just didn’t compare to the others or it was simply a risky or ill-advised choice.

Here are my best and worst dressed.


Amy Adams


It is unusual for me to like something like this but I think Amy looks stunning. The Oscars are the perfect opportunity to wear huge ballgowns so Amy didn’t hold back. The bust is fitted and detailed perfectly. Love it.

Jessica Chastain


I have been loving Jessica’s award season taste- she is spot on every time. I think she has worn better gowns but I think this is simple and gorgeous.

Amanda Seyfried


I love Amanda style and this pale number is amazing- the detailing, the halterneck, the fit on the bust, all perfect.

Jennifer Garner


I love that Jennifer has picked a unique colour and it really suits her. It may look like those parts are sticking out the sides like wings but it’s actually part of the detailing at the back.

Charlize Theron


I think this gown suits Charlize perfectly. It goes so well with her funky hairdo. It is such a strong look.

Anne Hathaway 


I think dress is very simple but so pretty. I love the material and just check out that necklace! I think it works because of her cropped hair. Check out the nipples too haha!


Helena Bonham Carter


This is hardly a bit surprise because Helena has always had quirky tastes. Her hair is a mess and there are too many different coloured layers to that skirt.

Kristen Stewart


I really dislike this but a lot of people love it. I just don’t like the detailing and I don’t think it hangs off her properly. Plus the mermaid fin look isn’t cool.

Naomi Watts


I just don’t like it, which is so disappointing as I’m usually a fan of her style picks. If the left boob was symmetrical to the right,  I may like it but I just don’t like what’s going on at the top.

Nicole Kidman


This was just far too shiny so I don’t like how it looks. It looks wet!

Sandra Bullock


I am not loving the bottom of the skirt- it reminds of a gypsy skirt and that’s not a red carpet look.

Halle Berry 


This had a futuristic vibe to it that I simply wasn’t feeling.