Nerve: Film Review


Nerve definitely has a very exciting, original and contemporary concept that I genuinely believe could happen in real life. It’s just a shame that the movie didn’t fully capitalise on that core idea and has many great moments but is lacking a certain something.

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Emmys 2015: Best & Worst Dressed

Awards season is officially underway, which means more red carpet fashion analysis woohoo! I’m not huge into fashion but I love checking out what the celebs choose for these fancy ceremonies. One of my favourites from last night’s Emmys is Emma Roberts, who looks absolutely gorgeous in this pale gown. I have just given the highlights of the best & worst, but I must admit, most fell into the ‘meh’ category, where was just boring and uninspired so they got ignored. The ones I have chosen inspire a reaction.

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My top 5 Orange is the New Black characters


Orange is the New Black returned with a bang last week and I personally think this season is the best. Each character has found their groove, I have laughed more than ever and the back stories are even more hard hitting. This is one of the only shows that has so many characters that are all so different, with unique voices, stories, backgrounds and cultures. I find them so fascinating. So before I gush over the show too much, here’s my favourite Litchfield inmates.

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