Scream Queens finale: A disappointing lack of deaths


As I have previously discussed, I have a serious love/hate relationship with Scream Queens but I have been really enjoying the last few episodes. This week the double-bill finale aired and it was awesome, except for the fact that Lea Michele ruined the identity of the Red Devil on Twitter, and not enough of the main cast were killed off as Ryan Murphy had teased.

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My love/hate relationship with Scream Queens


I look forward to every episode of Scream Queens because I think it is exciting TV, it is a perfect combination of horror, comedy, cheese and parody and has an amazing cast. Yet, after most episodes, I’m left feeling a bit letdown because it fails on so many fronts.

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American Horror Story: Hotel is just damn gross and nasty

I had my first experience of American Horror Story and I am neither convinced that I liked it, or that I will continue watching because it is just nasty, grim and nonsensical. It is hard to enjoy a show where depravity and perversion are the name of the game, especially when you don’t know anybody or understand that the hell is going on.

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Hot new trailers to get excited about


“What fresh hell is this?!”


There have been a load of trailers dropping recently, but here are my top three that I have seen this week and am so excited for.

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All change for Glee after Season 3

Glee’s executive producer Ryan Murphy has announced that “more characters are leaving than are staying” after Season 3 finishes.

Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, Cory Montieth, who is Finn Hudson and Chris Colfer who plays Kurt Hummel will definitely be leaving after Season 3 finishes. All three actors understand why Ryan wants to write them out and have agreed with him despite it meaning they lose their job.

“I involved Chris and Lea and they thought that was a good idea,” Ryan shared. “They both trust the writing and trust me and felt that it would be great to have an open and closed experience for them to go out while they were on top.”

Season 3 will be the characters’ senior year at William McKinley High School and Murphy wanted to keep it “realistic” and have them move on. Contestants of The Glee Project will be introduced in Season 3 and replace the regulars for Season 4.

Other changes throughout Season 3 will include a focus on relationships and characters rather than the music and there will be no tributes or one-off episodes. Most characters will have a multi-episode story arc including Sue, who wants to run for Congress and Santana, who finally comes out as a lesbian. I will like the Season 3 changes because I’ve always felt the plot is badly affected by the need for songs. However, I don’t want to see most of the current characters leave. While I don’t like THAT many of them, it would not be the same and I don’t know if I would continue watching.