True History of the Kelly Gang: Film Review

The True History of the Kelly Gang

True History of the Kelly Gang has been reviewed pretty well so I’m sorry to add my negative reaction into the mix. I just wasn’t a fan at all.

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Boy Erased: Film Review

The issue of gay conversion therapy is certainly one that is important and timely which is probably why two films on the same topic have come out so close together. Luckily, Boy Erased is substantially different to The Miseducation of Cameron Post, but I liked the way the latter was told more.

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The Nice Guys: Film Review


The problem with The Nice Guys was that I didn’t get to catch a preview screening, like usual, so I was swept up by reviews and friends saying how funny it is. That meant when it came to me watching it, my expectations were sky high and it fell a tad short. It is still hilarious, and I’m so glad original scripts like this are still getting made, but I had stupidly let the hype ruin my experience.

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Top Films for June


How are we in June already?! I feel like I have only just written about May and here we are once again. I’m particularly unimpressed and uninspired with this month’s lot to be honest. Normally I have a huge list and cut it down to a few, but this month I haven’t even had to do that.

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The Water Diviner: Film Review


Russell Crowe makes an impressive directorial debut in The Water Diviner, a drama about an Australian farmer Joshua (Crowe) who goes on a journey to recover the bodies of his three sons who were killed in battle in Gallipoli in Turkey.

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Top Films for April


A new month is upon us so, as usual, here my list of movies to look forward to in April…

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Les Misérables: Review


I had read great things about this before I went and I now I feel like I’m only one who has something negative to say about the film. I am not denying that it was well made, looked amazing and had a brilliant cast but it was far too long and the consistent singing made it boring.

Les Mis is set in post-revolutionary France. Hugh Jackman stars as Jean Valjean, a prisoner who has been a slave for years just for stealing some bread. He is granted parole with strict terms so when he breaks them, Inspector Javert (Russell Crowe) becomes obsessed with tracking him down and putting him away. Eight years after his release, Valjean has become the mayor of a town.


He is in charge of a factory when a poor work named Fantine (Anne Hathaway) is thrown out for having a child. Fantine cannot look after her child but she pays some innkeepers to do so for her. When Fantine turns to prostitution and gets close to death, Valjean feels guilty and he promises to look after her daughter, Cosette. He takes her from the innkeepers and raises her as his own. We then follow their journey.

The main problem for me is the constant singing in this film. As a musical, I expected there to be a lot of singing but I have never seen a musical where there is no normal talking. There were a few one-liners spoken here and there but in the main, it was all sung. I didn’t like this and I would have preferred some normal conversation to break it up. It just got so boring and I was fed up of the hearing the same tones over and over. This made the film drag. It probably didn’t help that the film was very depressing the majority of the time.


However, I do appreciate how hard the actors must have worked to sing every time. This film, unlike most musicals, was sung live rather than the actors miming to a pre-recorded track. So to sing and to act with such emotion is simply amazing. Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway did the best jobs. Filming must have been gruelling and draining so they deserve their Golden Globes.

Everyone did sing but not with the same power and emotional impact. I couldn’t take Russell Crowe seriously but he wasn’t bad. Amanda Seyfried’s voice was really high and squeaky, so while she could sing, I didn’t like her voice. I feel sorry for Eddie Redmayne because by the time he came on, I was bored. By the “nine years on” part, I had fazed out and wasn’t really enjoying it anymore.


Besides the singing, the film was just too long. I felt it was rather self-indulgent and every unnecessary scene and song was kept when it shouldn’t have been. It was two and a half hours long and I reckon it could have been at least half hour shorter. I didn’t feel the emotional pull at the end because I was just so thankful it was finishing.


The film IS good, don’t get me wrong. The period it is set in is so interesting. It is obviously rather depressing so I am so impressed with the actors tackling that and the singing live. The cast was brilliant and the set design was great. The key songs liked “I Dreamed A Dream” and “Beyond the Barricades” still stood out among the blur. I just wish there was some normal talk and reasonable running time.

Top Film Picks for January


The Impossible

I just know that I am going to cry. This film tells a personal account of a Spanish family (although portrayed as English here) and their struggle to get reunited following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Naomi Watts and one son must find Ewan McGregor and their other sons and like the title suggests, it is an impossible task. You know it will have a positive ending but the images of the tsunami will be heartbreaking. Released: 1st



Gangster Squad

Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin star in this gangster movie as two LAPD detectives who are fighting to keep LA free from gangsters during the 1940s and 50s. They have a tough job on their hands when they try to take on Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) and his gang. I like these kind of movies but I’m most attracted to this because I can’t wait to see Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone co-star together again (after Crazy, Stupid, Love). The original release for this was set for last September but was pushed back after the Colorado cinema shooting. Released: 10th



Les Misérables

I cannot wait to see this musical! The story follows Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman), a former prisoner who becomes mayor of a town in France. The police inspector, Javert (Russell Crowe) who released Valjean on parole eight years ago, decides he wants him imprisoned again. On a side note, Jean has agreed to take care of Cosette, the daughter of an impoverished factory worker Fantine (Anne Hathaway).  There is an amazing ensemble cast including Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen. Released: 11th



Django Unchained

This is a Western from Quentin Tarantino- so I’m already sold. The cast is pretty sweet too. Jamie Foxx stars as Django, a freed slave who treks across the country with bounty hunter Christoph Waltz to free his wife from Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio), a mean plantation owner. I know that the violence will be mega, the dialogue will be smart and the acting will be kick-ass. I can’t wait. Released: 18th



Movie 43

It is hard to describe this movie because it is so random. It has SO many famous faces in it that I want to see it, but in terms of plot, I have no idea. Basically, it is a ton of interlinking comedy stories but I have a feeling it will be an eclectic mix of scenes that have been bumped together. While I’m dubious about how the movie will fit as a whole, I want to see this because there are SO MANY PEOPLE in it. So you can understand what I mean, I have posted the trailer below. Released: 25th

Top Films for December


Celeste and Jesse Forever

Now this looks like a sweet romance story. Rashisa Jones is Celeste (and she also co-wrote the movie) and Andy Samberg is Jesse- they are separated but they still act like best friends and like they are still a couple. Their little arrangement gets messy when Jesse meets someone else. This is basically a story of how Celeste deals with Jesse’s new relationship. From the outset, you generally know how this film will end but I want to see it anyway. Also starring Elijah Wood and Emma Roberts. Released: 7th



The Man With the Iron Fists

This looks weird but I’m so intrigued by it. It is martial arts film with crazy special effects and slo-mo fighting. There is a very loose plot but I don’t think the plot is the main focus here- it is the action, the fight sequences and how badass everything looks. Lone warriors unite to defeat a common enemy and save their village. Lucy Liu looks kick ass in this and quite like her character in Kill Bill. It will be violent and ridiculous but very enjoyable. Also starring Russell Crowe and Jamie Chung. Released: 7th



The Oranges

This looks like a brilliant romantic comedy with a fantastic cast. Hugh Laurie and Catherine Keener are the Wallings and they are best friends and neighbours with Oliver Platt and Alison Janney, the Ostroffs. Their perfect family situation goes awry when the Ostroff’s daughter, Nina (Leighton Meester) returns home from Thanksgiving after a five year absence. Rather than date the Walling’s son Toby (Adam Brody), Nina embarks on a relationship with his father (Hugh Laurie). It looks hilarious when the families find out and I wonder what the resolution is. Released: 7th


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey … one embargo to bind them.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I’m not a fan of the LOTR franchise BUT I’m putting this in because it is going to be December’s biggest movie and therefore, it deserves a mention. Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) is hired by Gandalf (Ian McKellen) to accompany a group of dwarves to reclaim stolen treasure from the Lonely Mountain guarded by a dragon. I’m sure you all know the set-up and the cast by now. This is going to be big. Released-13th


Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

I cannot wait for this! I have been excited for this since it came out in America. It is basically a movie version of Glee but with a cappella groups. Anna Kendrick joins the Bellas, her university group and helps them break out of their mould so they stand a chance of winning a competition. You can predict the ending but this is going to be so enjoyable. I love musicals! Also starring Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson. Released: 21st

Les Miserables trailer

The trailer for Les Miserables is finally here and damn, the movie looks good!

I’m really surprised at how good Anne Hathaway’s singing voice is. Her rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream” gave me chills.

Anne plays Fantine, a struggling factory worker who is forced into prostitution to help raise her daughter Cosette (Amanda Seyfried). The film stars Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, a Frenchman who had been imprisoned for 19 years after stealing bread. He is then released on parole but when the police inspector Javert (Russell Crowe) decides to imprison him again, Valjean must go on the run. After two decades of running, he finds himself in the 1832 June Rebellion in Paris and helping raise Cosette.

I haven’t seen the musical so I have no idea what to expect but I have a feeling that it will be really sad. It may be a musical but I seriously doubt that will make it an uplifting movie. It isn’t a typical movie of the musical genre.

Eddie Redmayne also stars as Marius, Cosette’s love interest. Samantha Barks plays Eponine, a role that was sought after by the likes of Taylor Swift and Lea Michele. Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter finish up the all-star cast.

The film will be released near Christmas. Check out the trailer below.