Aladdin: Film Review

I had the lowest of expectations for Guy Ritchie‘s live-action version of Aladdin. The promotional material didn’t thrill me and I didn’t even put it on my May movies list but I was determined to see it with an open mind – and I actually liked it! It’s not perfect but it’s nowhere near the travesty I was expecting.

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Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Film Review


I love these movies but I didn’t think there was much left to do with the franchise. While this is true, the third (and probably final) instalment is brilliant. I enjoyed it way more than I expected to and I haven’t laughed out loud that frequently in a cinema for a long time.

Stiller returns as security guard Larry, who discovers the magical tablet of Ahkmenrah, which brings the museum to life each night, is starting to deteriorate and the exhibits are starting to malfunction. Larry must embark on an adventure to London to find the owner of the tablet so he can fix the problem and save the museum’s much-loved exhibits.

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Matt Damon hosts a star-studded Jimmy Kimmel show


Now, you may or may not have seen the Matt Damon “revenge” video in which he has kidnapped TV chat show host Jimmy Kimmel. He wants to get revenge as Jimmy has dissed him many times on the show and their fake feud has lasted for years. Here is that video:

Well, that was the promo for the special episode of Jimmy Kimmel called “Jimmy Kimmel Sucks” in which Matt Damon is the host and Jimmy is bound to a chair helplessly in the background.



And what amazing revenge it was- Matt managed to get a whole host of guys on the show including Nicole Kidman (who gave Jimmy a lap dance), Gary Oldman, Amy Adams, Demi Moore, Reese Witherspoon, Demi Moore, Sarah Silverman, Ben Affleck, Robin Williams, Andy Garcia & Sheryl Crow. Wow! That’s a lot. Ben Affleck wasn’t a guest on the show- he was the cue-card guy and Sheryl Crow was the lead of the house band.

Nicole gives Jimmy a lapdance

Nicole gives Jimmy a lapdance


Here is Matt talking to guest, comedienne and Kimmy ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman:

Basically, everyone was there to criticse Jimmy and praise Matt. Obviously, it was all in good humour as Matt and Jimmy are actually good friends but it is just so funny seeing how many celebrities Matt got on board, how much fun they had hijacking the show & that the network and Jimmy actually let this happen! Genius.


Sadly, there are no videos of the full show but here are a few news segments which summarise the show and give a few clips so you can get the picture.