Clemency: Film Review


I have been looking forward to seeing the critically acclaimed Clemency since I missed it at last year’s London Film Festival and I am thrilled it has FINALLY been given a UK release date so we can all now see Alfre Woodard‘s staggering performance with our own eyes.

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Speed-the-Plow: Theatre Review

Lindsay Lohan as Karen and Nigel Lindsay as Charlie Fox in Speed-the-Plow

I guess the majority of the audience were here to see Lindsay Lohan, but I was in the minority because I didn’t want to see a trainwreck – I wanted her to prove the critics wrong, to prove that she does still have acting talent and that she can commit to eight shows a week. I still love Lindsay and I was wishing throughout that she wouldn’t screw up. And she didn’t, so I’m happy.

I was a bit dubious about booking tickets a month into the run because I was scared she would bail – but it actually turned out to be a godsend because it meant that she had nailed the script by this point and had really got to grips with her character, which I don’t think she had fully achieved during press night at the end of September.

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