My top 5 tracks from Taylor Swift’s Reputation

I would have preferred to have simply streamed Taylor Swift’s latest album Reputation but that wasn’t option, so I played into her money-making strategy and bought the damn thing. Here’s my verdict:

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Taylor Swift’s new video

Now I’m not usually a Taylor Swift fan but this is such a good song! We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is so catchy and I love the chorus so much. Can’t get it out of my head. It is the first single of her upcoming album Red.

The video is really cool as well. I’ve watched it a few times and it puts such a smile on my face. Her dancing, the way the sets change, the guys dressed as animals, her acting and the story it tells are just brilliant. Such an enjoyable video.

I realise I’m gushing but I’m not a Taylor fan so I’m not being biased. This is just genuinely a great song with a brilliant video. Check it out for yourself: