Beyoncé launches another video

Despite being due to give birth (to a girl apparently!) in February, Beyoncé has shown no sign of letting up. In fact, she has launched her third video in three weeks. This is crazy busy for any singer, let alone a pregnant one.

Over two weeks ago, the singer released “Countdown” which will be her third mainstream single from the album “4”. A week later, a performance video for “Love On Top” was released despite it not having a single release. The song is famous however because she performed it at the MTV VMAs when she announced her pregnancy to the world.

Yesterday, Beyoncé released a video to the single “Party” which features J. Cole (on the album it features André 3000) which will apparently be an urban single, which I’m assuming means it will just be released in the US.

It seems a lot of unnecessary work if you ask me!

Also, I reckon she filmed all these months ago when she was barely showing a bump or she is wearing industrial-strength Spanx because she does not have a bump in any of these videos. We already know that she wore a fake bump for the MTV VMAs red carpet to make more of an impact but there is no bump at all and she wears a bikini in “Party”! I think you would be able to notice!

From my observations, I think “Countdown” was filmed last because she is more covered up whereas in the other two she shows her midriff. She reveals the most in “Party” so perhaps that was done first. Who knows!? Check out the videos below to see what you think. Check out the cameos from Solange Knowles and Kelly Rowland in the last one.



Love On Top 



Beyoncé is pregnant!

Beyoncé announced she was pregnant last night at an awards ceremony in LA.

She revealed the news at the MTV Video Music Awards where she was seen holding her bump on the red carpet (see picture below) whilst dressed in a stunning orange Lanvin dress. She told the reporters “I have a surprise!”

The 29-year-old Single Ladies singer didn’t let her pregnancy stop her giving a top-notch performance to her song Love On Top. At the end of the song, she ripped open her Dolce & Gabbana blazer to rub her bump and the crowd went wild.

The camera jumped to her husband Jay-Z smiling proudly in the audience while close friend Kanye West was jumping around him. The pair of them were obviously overjoyed.

She yelled out to the audience, “I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside of me!”

Beyoncé has been married to rapper Jay-Z for three years. I am so happy for them!

Posh is Preggers!

I know this is a bit late news, and I can’t believe I missed it- but David has officially confirmed that he and Victoria are expecting their fourth child.

Last week, I wrote that the Beckhams were going to move back to the UK if David’s bid to Tottenham Hotspur  was successful- and it has. And they are already here! The boys are back at the private school near their Hertfordshire home.  And the family are adding another one to the brood.

David and Victoria have never kept it a secret that they would like to have a girl and rumours have been circulating that they are looking at methods which can guarantee the gender of their child. But who knows if that’s true! Apparently, Victoria is glad to be back in the UK as she can be reunited with her gynaecologist. This is important to her as this will be her fourth Caesarean and she’s a bit nervous. Rightly so!

I’m so glad for these two. They have such a sweet family and it just seems right that they should add more to their clan.