Pitch Perfect 3: Film Review

I love the original Pitch Perfect – I have seen it multiple times and I know the musical numbers word for word – but the second one was nowhere near as good and I groaned when a third was announced because I just had a gut feeling it would be even worse. Pitch Perfect 3 is a slight improvement on two but certainly not a return to form.

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Review: Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

I had been looking forward to seeing this movie for ages- it just looked so amazing and such good fun. It was certainly fun and enjoyable. There were certain aspects that didn’t quite work in my eyes but I loved it as a whole. It is like Glee, Bring It On and Mean Girls all rolled into one and what girl wouldn’t love that?!


Anna Kendrick stars as Beca, an “alternative” girl who starts at college and doesn’t get involved because she doesn’t really want to be there. She has been forced there by her father when she would rather go to LA and start her dream of being music producer. Her dad makes a deal with her- if she gets involved with college life and still doesn’t enjoy it after a year, he will pay for her to go to LA. So Beca joins the Bellas, an all-girl a capella group. The group is in desperate need of a style overhaul as their songs are boring and dated but the leader Aubrey (Anna Camp) is too controlling and doesn’t want things to change. But how can they win the tournament if they don’t mix it up a bit?


There is a rival all-boy group on campus called the Treblemakers, who always win the competitions. The girls are supposed to be enemies with them but Beca is interested in Jesse (Skylar Astin). I love this aspect of the film because their blossoming friendship is really cute and Jesse tries so hard to make Beca open up, but that just makes her recoil from him. She is so mean to him and you feel bad for him. Their “relationship” isn’t simple and easy, which is generally what happens in teen comedies. It was refreshing to see this difference.

Film Title: Pitch Perfect



Despite that, I felt like Beca’s character was full of clichés- she is an angst-ridden teenager who prefers to be alone yet she joins the Bellas, which are so different to her. Okay, she can sing and she was sort-of forced to join by Chloe (Brittany Snow) but I find it odd. Her being different is actually the saving grace of the Bellas and she helps get them out of their rut.


The differing characters in the Bellas are where the humour mostly lies because they are weird and mean to each other. You have Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), slutty Stacie (Alexis Knapp), potential lesbian Cynthia (Ester Dean), an Asian who is so quiet you can hardly hear what she’s saying, and the others I’ve already introduced.  The Bellas are dreadful to begin with and Aubrey keeps making them do the same routine for each round and it is excruciating to watch. I love it when they start bitching and fighting with each other. There are times when the girls are a bit too random and weird that you are more like “WTF?!” than finding it funny. For example, I cannot stand projectile vomiting in movies and it happens in this twice, which I found unnecessary.


My favourite numbers are the “spontaneous” ones rather than the performances songs. The riff-off is my favourite scene of the movie and the songs used in it are amazing. I also loved them singing “Party in the USA” on the bus to the semi-finals. The Treblemakers were far better in the rounds and they definitely deserved to win. However, you know how this story will pan out. Luckily, they don’t have a clichéd winning scene. I was a bit disappointed in how it ended really- the final scene just stopped and I was like “oh”. It felt a bit rushed towards the end and I would have liked more. I was really hoping for a credits musical number with both groups but there wasn’t and that was sad.


Despite those little niggles, I did genuinely enjoy this. The songs were amazing, I was in awe of how the numbers are broken down into mouth-sounds. I loved the acapella aspect and the choice of songs used were perfect. The cast were spot on (keep an eye out for the commentators of the competitions [see above] as they are HILARIOUS ) and the script was witty and not too cliché-ridden. I had high expectations because I had been waiting for this since its US release and I wasn’t disappointed. I want this on DVD now!

Top Films for December


Celeste and Jesse Forever

Now this looks like a sweet romance story. Rashisa Jones is Celeste (and she also co-wrote the movie) and Andy Samberg is Jesse- they are separated but they still act like best friends and like they are still a couple. Their little arrangement gets messy when Jesse meets someone else. This is basically a story of how Celeste deals with Jesse’s new relationship. From the outset, you generally know how this film will end but I want to see it anyway. Also starring Elijah Wood and Emma Roberts. Released: 7th



The Man With the Iron Fists

This looks weird but I’m so intrigued by it. It is martial arts film with crazy special effects and slo-mo fighting. There is a very loose plot but I don’t think the plot is the main focus here- it is the action, the fight sequences and how badass everything looks. Lone warriors unite to defeat a common enemy and save their village. Lucy Liu looks kick ass in this and quite like her character in Kill Bill. It will be violent and ridiculous but very enjoyable. Also starring Russell Crowe and Jamie Chung. Released: 7th



The Oranges

This looks like a brilliant romantic comedy with a fantastic cast. Hugh Laurie and Catherine Keener are the Wallings and they are best friends and neighbours with Oliver Platt and Alison Janney, the Ostroffs. Their perfect family situation goes awry when the Ostroff’s daughter, Nina (Leighton Meester) returns home from Thanksgiving after a five year absence. Rather than date the Walling’s son Toby (Adam Brody), Nina embarks on a relationship with his father (Hugh Laurie). It looks hilarious when the families find out and I wonder what the resolution is. Released: 7th


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey … one embargo to bind them.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I’m not a fan of the LOTR franchise BUT I’m putting this in because it is going to be December’s biggest movie and therefore, it deserves a mention. Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) is hired by Gandalf (Ian McKellen) to accompany a group of dwarves to reclaim stolen treasure from the Lonely Mountain guarded by a dragon. I’m sure you all know the set-up and the cast by now. This is going to be big. Released-13th


Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

I cannot wait for this! I have been excited for this since it came out in America. It is basically a movie version of Glee but with a cappella groups. Anna Kendrick joins the Bellas, her university group and helps them break out of their mould so they stand a chance of winning a competition. You can predict the ending but this is going to be so enjoyable. I love musicals! Also starring Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson. Released: 21st

Video: Anna Kendrick’s cup trick

This sounds really lame but seriously, this is AMAZING! Anna Kendrick showed off her singing and percussion skills on David Letterman with a cup.

The actress does this trick on a much larger scale in her new movie, Pitch Perfect, but she proved she could do it off-the-cuff by herself.

She has a really nice singing voice too. I love her!

I’m so excited for Pitch Perfect- it looks so good. Sadly, it isn’t released in the UK until December.