Grammys 2018: Best and Worst Dressed

Last night it was the biggest night on the music industry calendar – the Grammys. So naturally, as with any red carpet event, it is time to look at the fashion!

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Top moments from V Festival 2017 

This weekend, I was at V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex and it was awesome. If you weren’t there, don’t worry, you can catch up with what went down thanks to my handy highlights piece below!

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Top Films for October




James McAvoy has been praised for his performance by critics so I want to see it purely for this purpose. The content looks quite disgusting. He is a policeman with no moral boundaries and we literally see him, drink, smoke, shag, puke and just be a down-right horrible human being. It will certainly be a shocking movie but the casting of McAvoy has me intrigued. Released: 4th October


I’m almost fed up of the apocalyptic genre but this looks quite good. The trailer has me hooked, as does Saoirse Ronan, who takes the lead in this movie. She is an American sent to the English countryside for a summer and falls in love with Eddie. The world as they know it is totally changed when it is hit with a nuclear blast and they are separated by soldiers. They strive to break free and reunite back at their home. I like the love story edge. Released: 4th October




This comedy-drama has a stellar cast and looks so enjoyable.  It focuses on the lives of three people who suffer from sex addiction and how it affects those around them. Mark Ruffalo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Josh Gad, Pink and Tim Robbins star. Released: 4th October


This has a basic storyline but I think the comedic performances will make up for that. Aubrey Plaza stars as Brandy, an over-achiever in high school who realises she should get as many sexual experiences under her belt as possible before heading to college. This obviously paves the way for some funny, awkward scenes. I was mostly sold by the support cast of Alia Sawkat, Bill Hader, Rachel Bilson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Released: 4th October




Despite being panned by WikiLeaks founders, I think this insight into their 2010/2011 operation of releasing classified information will be very interesting. This thriller sees Benedict Cumberbatch portray the founder Julian Assange. We see the CIA and FBIs reaction when their classified information about Iraqi insurgents gets published in media, thanks to this whistleblower. Released: 11th October


This action movie starring Tom Hanks is based on a true story that happened in 2009. Tom is the captain of a freighter which gets taken hostage by Somali pirates. He then lets himself get taken hostage to save his crew. This looks like really tense stuff and relates to contemporary news, which makes it very interesting. Released: 18th October

Pink fights back at the haters over cancelled gig


Pink had to postpone a tour date in Birmingham, UK, last month due to illness.

The singer managed to complete the other UK dates on the Truth About Love tour, so the Birmingham concert-goers were a bit peeved. They are now super annoyed to find out that Pink’s crew cannot reschedule that date and it has now been cancelled.

I understand that people are annoyed but Pink never does this. She works so hard on her tours, puts in 110% and is never sick, so this is unusual. She must be seriously ill to cancel it, yet people have been sending her hate mail. So, fed up of getting stick for being ill, Pink has written a lengthy open letter explaining the situation and defending the decision to cancel.


It begins: “To all of the fans/friends/people/ticket buyers from the Birmingham show that I had to cancel: and I say “had” because I had absolutely no choice in the matter, no control over the circumstances, and physically could not get my sick ass on stage, because of an ear infection and chest infection all at the same time, and even a doctor told me I could not go on stage whether I wanted to or not: To all of you:

“I sincerely apologize, AGAIN, for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Sincerely. I actually rode by the venue, and saw some of you in line, and there was not a fucking thing I could do about any of it. Except cry. My heart was absolutely broken.”


I feel sorry for her getting this hate. She takes her tours so seriously so this decision would not have been made lightly. As you can see from the letter, it upset her to disappoint the fans. They shouldn’t be mean to her over it though, it isn’t fair.

You can read the rest of her letter below:

“I am getting a lot of hate mail from some of you, not all. But to those of you that expect and feel entitled to perfection; Have a look at my track record- please- in general- for tours past. I have an incredible record. I do not cancel and I do not take it for granted how much trouble people go to- from spending hard earned money they don’t have, to travel expenses and time and planning, etc. I take NOnE of it for granted, EVER. That’s why I never phone it in. I go on stage and pour my fucking heart and body out on that stage. I ruin my body and my vocal chords, make myself sicker, come hell or high water. I don’t lip sync, I don’t rely on dancers to do my work for me. I try to put the best show on that I can, that any human being can, and I don’t stop until I know you’re happy.


I am a human being, therefore I am able to catch illness. It is beyond my control- and I can’t apologize for that. And you know what I’ve been performing through the last week? ROTA virus. Look it up. I challenge any one of you to do what I do while sick with that. You couldn’t do it.

The fact that I don’t get the benefit of the doubt from you saddens me. There is no way I can make up this date. There isn’t a way. And for any of you that believe in me, please know we did everything we could to try to make it happen. Everything. It’s a logistical nightmare that is again, out of my control.

pink_0224gd 6.jpg

And guess what? I might actually get sick again on this tour. Can you imagine it? How dare I even think that? I have a two year old who is building her immune system by getting sick all over the place. And the fact that I even went on tour while being a full time mom is a miracle in itself.

The next time I schedule dates- ill have to say to myself- “if, God forbid I have to cancel one show, those fans will turn on me like rabid dogs and question the moral fabric of my character.”

For the loyal and understanding fans- I am so so sorry if I’ve hurt you in any way. For the rest of you- Kindly kiss my entire almost back to healthy ass.

Love always, Alecia the human also known as p!nk.”

Cool Videos: Bruno Mars, Pink & Taylor Swift

Bruno Mars

This is Bruno’s second single from Unorthodox Jukebox. He has gone for a ballad this time and it is really good. It shows off his singing skills- that boy can sing! I did prefer Locked Out of Heaven but this is still good. The video is pretty simple really. He is just sat at a piano crooning his heart out but it’s got the old school vibe, like in his previous video. His hair and sunglasses are pretty cool.


Here is Pink’s third single from the album, Truth About Love. It is called Give Me A Reason and features Nate Reuss from the band fun. She sings so well in it but it just feels too similar to her last song, Try. I want her to do something upbeat next time. I think in comparison to Bruno’s ballad, this isn’t as strong. I think the collaboration works well though and the video looks great.


Taylor Swift 

Sadly, this is still just audio. Yesterday Taylor announced that her next single will be 22. I love this song! It is so weird- I didn’t really know about her much before her album Red. I didn’t particularly like her country vibe but I am LOVING her last three singles. So good. I can’t wait for the video.

Big Pics: Stars celebrating Thanksgiving

Now, Thanksgiving makes me wish I was American because it seems like such a fun holiday with close friends, family and plenty of yummy food!

Plenty of celebs posted up pictures of their tables set up or of their food but I’m just including the interesting ones in which the stars are actually present! So here’s a round-up of some of the celebrity Thanksgiving pics.


Katy Perry 

Katy didn’t do the standard “food preparation” picture but showed off Kai, the latest addition to her family. Posting this to Twitter, she wrote, “”Hope everyone is having a lovely Tday. Most thankful for my friends & family & welcoming Kai to the group, 1st bab.”

Julianne Hough 

Julianne Hough posted this to Twitter to show that being a star doesn’t mean you can’t get stuck in!

P Diddy 

Diddy, with a massive turkey. Enough said.

Jessica Alba 

Jessica Alba shows off her mum skills by preparing the turkey. Her husband Cash Warren posted this picture on his Instagram and I bet she loved him for that! It certainly isn’t a posed photo! The caption was “Happy Thanksgiving! Wife and I are throwing it down today!!”


Pink shared a family picture of her mother and daughter Willow with the simple caption, “Three generations…I’m thankful”.

Milla Jovovich 

Milla put a picture of her and her mum prepping the food on Twitter. She wrote, “Cutting the corn off the cob 4 an amazing creamed corn n my mom has the fruit 4 her famous cranberry sauce!”

Heidi Klum 

Heidi Klum is staring out her turkey. Let’s face it…the turkey is going to win.

Taylor Swift 

Not being in the States meant a rather lonely Thanksgiving for Taylor- besides the cat. She tweeted, “I’m thankful for friendships like this”.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon 

I find it odd to see the diva that is Mariah Carey being domesticated. Or at least joking around in the kitchen with her husband. I have to admit…I never thought they would last but they have and I’m so happy for them. The picture below of their son Morrocan playing the piano is my favourite. He is the cutest.

Video: Pink’s epic dance skills

This video is amazing! This is new video for Pink’s latest single Try and OMG, the choreography in this is just unbelievable.

Dance is used to convey the intense love/hate relationship that she sings about and her dancing skills are FAR better than I ever imagined. She looks like a professional dancer and the connection she has with her male dancer “boyfriend” Colt Prattes is perfect. You really get their story through their movements. I’m gushing but it really is fantastic!

This video must have taken a long time to come together as the choreography is difficult and the emotional energy used must have been taxing. There is an intimate, sexual vibe between the pair as well. Pink is far stronger, acrobatic and flexible than I ever realised. She should be truly proud of this video- it is definitely one of her best.

The song is so-so. To be honest, I didn’t really concentrate on it that much because I was so captivated by her performance.

Pink said in a statement, “Making this video was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire career. I never wanted it to end. It’s my favourite video ever.”


Big Pics: Harper Beckham, Selena Gomez, Pink and Miley Cyrus

1. How cute does Harper Seven Beckham look with her dad? She joined the rest of her family on a day out at Disneyland. I just love her chubby cheeks and Minnie Mouse headband. She’s adorable!


2. Does Malin Akerman realise she’s only wearing half a dress? The actress channelled Angelina Jolie is the leg-flashing stakes with this little numbers (which I think looks simply awful!). If it was just a leg slit, it wouldn’t be so bad, but the exposed midriff just looks horrible. She wore this to the LA premiere of her latest movie, Rock of Ages.


3. Selena Gomez looks pretty grown-up in a photo shoot for Elle magazine. Just look how revealing her bra top is! It makes her boobs look far larger than usual! She’s certainly departed from her Disney Channel image and I think her upcoming movie Spring Breakers will help with that too. She plays a rebellious teen who smokes and helps her group of friends rob a restaurant. The group (also including Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens) end up doing dirty work for a drug dealer. It will be released next year.


4. Turns out that Pink did have to spend her daughter’s birthday in hospital because she had to have her gall bladder removed. It was originally thought she had stomach flu and would make it home for Willow’s first birthday but her condition turned out to be far worse. She was even scheduled to perform for Obama this week but had to cancel that too. Her husband Carey Hart brought the party to the hospital so Pink didn’t miss out.

She tweeted; “Thanks family 4 bringing my lil girls party to the hospital all weekend for me. I spose it doesn’t matter where u r when u eat ur 1st cake!”

And what an amazing cake it was! Check out the picture below. I TOTALLY want one!

5.. And finally we have some great shots of Miley Cyrus’ engagement ring. While we did see it from afar a few days ago, it was only recently, when she stepped out in New Orleans with fiancé Liam Hemsworth, that we got a good look at it. And damn, it is nice! I very much approve.



Big Pics- Pink, Rihanna, JT and Drew Barrymore

1. Pink has finally been released from hospital just in time for her daughter Willow’s first birthday. She was admitted for stomach flu and painful ulcers but made a miraculous recovery in the nick of time. Pink seemed to be taking her illness quite lightly though- posting this photo on Twitter of her looking quite happy!


2. I know Rihanna posts to Instagram all of the time but this has to be the sweetest picture I’ve seen of her. Rihanna is a very busy girl and hardly has any time for herself but instead of flying to LA straight from her filming job in New Orleans, Rihanna made a stop in New York to visit her sick grandmother Dolly.

Rihanna tweeted this with the picture; “Came to NY, just for this moment right here!” and then you see her lying on a poorly-looking woman. Rihanna decided to pay a visit to her mum’s mother, Clara “Dolly” Braithwaite, who is suffering from cancer. It just makes you feel so sad and then you realise how much Rihanna must love her gran to make such a diversion on her journey home. This picture warms you heart and it’s definitely my favourite of Rih’s recent uploads.


3. Check out Justin Timberlake is this Hawaiian get-up! He dressed up to entertain Wal-Mart shareholders as they celebrate 50 years of the giant retailing company. Not sure why exactly Justin decided to appear for this event but his outfit definitely went down a treat with the audience.


4. Can I just say that I knew nothing about ANOTHER Die Hard movie until I saw these filming pictures!! Is it not time to call it a day considering Bruce Willis is 57? I definitely don’t think we need more films in the franchise. I’m surprised Willis even signed on. Here is shot taken from a shoot in Budapest:


5. If rumours are correct, Drew Barrymore and her fiance of five months Will Kopelman got married yesterday on their estate in Montecito, California. While there are no pictures of the bride or groom, there is photographic evidence to prove a wedding is about to or has taken place on their estate. Drew is also heavily pregnant with their child. It is thought that it was an intimate Jewish ceremony with only a few famous faces in attendance- Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth, Busy Phillips and Jimmy Fallon. It is thought Cameron may have been the bridesmaid. Drew is said to have worn a Chanel gown.