Columbus: Film Review

I first became aware of Haley Lu Richardson with her impressive performance in 2016’s The Edge of Seventeen, and she was the main reason I wanted to check out Columbus. She didn’t let me down this time either, with another natural, moving performance.

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Mascots: LFF Film Review


The latest Christopher Guest comedy comes to Netflix this week but you can catch it earlier at the London Film Festival. Either way,  I would definitely give it a watch because it is such a fun, easy watch that should have you laughing your heads off.

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Cafe Society: Film Review


I am not what you would call a Woody Allen fan – I like some of his movies but I probably dislike a great deal more – and I wasn’t won over by his most recent efforts Irrational Man or Magic in the Moonlight. I haven’t truly liked one since Midnight in Paris in 2011. But Café Society is one of his strongest movies in recent times and while it’s not completely flawless, I was pleasantly surprised by it.

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Irrational Man: Film Review


I hoped Irrational Man would restore my faith in Woody Allen, but this is just another one that fails to impress. I thought following the failure of Magic in the Moonlight, he could only do better but this is just as messy and unsatisfying and a total waste of Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone’s talents.

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