Johnny English Strikes Again: Film Review

I was a huge fan of the original Johnny English when it came out – in 2003, when I was 14 years old – but my sense of humour has matured somewhat since then so I didn’t hold much hope for Johnny English Strikes Again. It was silly and ridiculous, but had surprisingly more laughs than I had predicted.

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Momentum: Film Review


Olga Kurylenko makes a pretty lean, mean fighting machine but it is just a shame that she only gets to prove it with a leading role in the lacklustre Momentum. She is worthy of more than this!

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The Water Diviner: Film Review


Russell Crowe makes an impressive directorial debut in The Water Diviner, a drama about an Australian farmer Joshua (Crowe) who goes on a journey to recover the bodies of his three sons who were killed in battle in Gallipoli in Turkey.

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Oblivion: Review


This starts off as a really interesting, dystopian future movie but ends up a little disappointing. It is hard to explain without ruining the surprises but the more you learn, the less you care about the central characters. It is stunning and the concepts of how the earth runs is very clever but you lose connection with the characters once the truth begins to unravel.

Tom Cruise stars as Jack, who lives in a tower with his team mate and girlfriend, Victoria (Andrea Riseborough). Earth is no longer. The moon was attacked by an alien force (known as Scavengers) which eventually made Earth inhabitable. The remaining human population live on Titan. Jack and Victoria are on Earth to look after the drones and “hydrorigs”- machines which suck up Earth’s water and send it to Titan. The drones keep getting attacked by lingering Scavengers (or “Scavs”) so Jack has to fix them. Their memory was wiped five years ago, they take their orders from a woman on Titan and they believe they will be leaving Earth in two weeks.


You know things aren’t what they seem, especially if you’ve seen the trailer or watched interviews with Tom. Jack seems to be more inquisitive about the state of the Earth than Victoria, who just accepts the way it is. Things change for them completely when Jack is captured by a group of humans, led by Morgan Freeman. He later comes across a woman who he dreamt about named Julia (Olga Kurylenko) and everything he knows begins to unravel.


It is fascinating in the beginning. The set-up, the technology and the landscape are incredible and I really enjoyed it. When you start to find things out, you are astounded by how much the truth has been twisted. However, when puzzle pieces come together you feel a bit disappointed and start to wonder if everything makes sense. I would have to re-watch it to check it all adds up.


I thought Tom Cruise was brilliant and he proves he is still a kick-ass action hero. I loved his relationship with Victoria and I thought their chemistry was great. Morgan Freeman was barely in it and Olga let the story down with bad acting. Although this mainly a sci-fi action film, there is an emotional element to it and she didn’t do it justice.


The CGI of the landscape and the machinery is brilliant and I would say that is the best aspect of the film. It is very interesting and I love that it wasn’t simply non-stop action. Tom carries this film perfectly; I just wish the final conclusion felt more satisfactory.