American Music Awards: Best & Worst Dressed


You know I love a good red carpet! There were some absolutely gorgeous outfits at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles last night – my favourite was Ariana Grande‘s crop top and white high-waisted trousers. I want this look!

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One Direction hiatus: The guys need this break!


One Direction fans the world over are having a breakdown right now cos it’s been reported the guys are taking a year’s break in 2016 once their fifth album comes out in March. This is a GOOD thing. Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam have been working non-stop for five years and they need this break.

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Zayn Malik leaving One Direction: Why am I not surprised?


Zayn Malik’s decision to quit One Direction shocked me today, purely because I never thought he would go through with it. Him wanting to leave is no surprise – it has been pretty clear for a while now – I’m just amazed that the 1D camp let him go. The fandom must be in serious mourning.

The signs have been there for a long time now, from leaving the tour due to stress and missing that Orlando gig in November. I always felt like his heart wasn’t it like Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam and you could feel his reluctance, shyness and lack of enthusiasm in pictures and interviews. He always seemed to be having the least fun. Even back in The X Factor bootcamp stage, he refused to learn a dance routine (which is why I’m shocked he was put in the boyband in the first place) and didn’t seem to have the same drive.

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Big Pics: Hayden Panettiere, Demi Lovato & R Patz

Olly Murs & Niall Horan


Olly and Niall had a chest hair competition backstage at Olly’s O2 gig. I think Olly wins fair and square! Niall tweeted the pic with the caption, “Went to see the one and only @ollyofficial at the O2 arena!great show! Also me and him have matching chest hair.” Top lads!

Katy Perry 


Katy celebrated Easter with her family. Such a sweet pic! I don’t think the child is particularly impressed.

Hayden Panettiere


Stop looking at her hot bod for a minute and check out the ring finger. Is Hayden engaged?! Looks that way. She also posted this picture of her with possible fiancé Wladimir Klitschko. The pair only just went public with their rekindled relationship and he’s already put a ring on it!


Demi Lovato


Check out the album artwork that Demi leaked earlier. It is for her fourth album but it is uncertain if “Demi” is the title. I love the picture though, her eyes are very powerful.

Robert Pattinson


You don’t generally see Rob doing anything other than filming/promotion, hanging out with Kristen or with mates down a pub/restaurant. It is rather unusual seeing him working on his fitness. He spent some time paddle boarding in Malibu.


Big Pics: Beyoncé, Selena Gomez & Jennifer Lawrence



How adorable is this photo? Beyoncé was in the Bahamas for a photo shoot and decided to bring along her family and have a little holiday. I love that she is showing us personal pics!


Selena Gomez


Selena look stunning in this plunging gown at a Vogue benefit dinner. Here she is with chat show host, Chelsea Handler.

Niall Horan 


What a horrible photo! Can he not afford a better looking top? Harry Styles posted this embarrassing nipple slip picture on Twitter. Niall also passed his driving test today.

Jennifer Lawrence


Actress of the moment, Jennifer, has attended so many functions this week. She has had an event on every night since Wednesday and last night, she had two! Here she is at the AFI film awards and then later she headed to Chateau Marmont for a pre- Golden Globes party. She looked stunning in both dresses- thank god- as her first attempt at the People’s Choice Awards was nasty!


Pics: One Direction’s New York antics



Now it seems like Louis from One Direction is just messing about in NY but he actually caused gridlock in the city because police pulled their car over to give the boys a lecture on road safety. Clearly, hanging out of a roof window looks cool but the police didn’t find it funny. Below you can see Niall in the car while the boys get a telling off from the law enforcement!


Niall also bore the brunt of Dustin Hoffman’s affections on the David Letterman show recently- when the veteran actor playfully kissed him on the lips! Niall’s bandmates laughed their heads off while Niall was clearly taken by surprise.



Apparently on the show, Harry denies he is in a relationship yet he has been seen with Taylor Swift almost every night since the band’s Madison Square Garden gig. Here they are holding hands on their way to a swanky restaurant.


But their possible relationship didn’t stop Harry getting his flirt on with a couple of girls before the Jingle Ball concert.



I can’t see their relationship lasting very long- especially once he heads back to the UK. And he clearly loves being a flirt!

The boys have had an amazing few weeks in New York but they’re heading back to the UK now to be on The X Factor final this weekend. I reckon a lot of these antics will end up in their 3D movie which is coming out next year. I can’t wait to see behind-the-scenes footage and reaction scenes about all this stuff.

Katy Perry kisses One Direction lads at VMAs



Katy Perry didn’t just present One Direction with their award- she gave them a smooch to go with it. And not just the obligatory cheek kiss- a full-on kiss on the lips! Both Niall and Harry got the treatment and I bet the other boys were jealous!

The boys had such a good night at the MTV Video Music Awards in LA- winning two awards, performing AND then hanging out with Justin Bieber afterwards. Niall even managed to meet Demi Lovato at the ceremony- the pair have been linked a number of times but I think this is the first time they have met.



One Direction shoots their new music video

The 1D boys got wet and wild this weekend to shoot their music video for Live While We’re Young in the English countryside.

Their video includes a massive paddling pool, trampoline, haybales, a teepee, super soakers and random inflatables in a Kent field. It looks like it was lots of fun to shoot but VERY COLD. Yesterday was very bad weather (torrential rain and thunderstorms bad!) so I’m surprised Niall decided to take his top off. It must have be chilly for them all as they were soaked!

Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam have finished their video off though and I’m sure it will be very enjoyable to watch. Niall took to Twitter to say, “We have literally just finished shooting the video for “live while we’re young” ur gona love it! It was soo fun to shoot!”

“Wow its chuckin it down! And we stuck shooting in it! By the way, super excited for u to see the video! Its gona be cool.”

The single hits the airwaves in September but it is unclear when the video will come out. Check out the pictures below of the shoot!

Earlier in the week, One Direction announced that they had a new single. On their official site they dropped the news to their fans saying, “We promised you that something exciting and big was going to happen this week in the 1D universe… you, the fans, have been craving new music and after months of hard work and effort the boys have delivered!!!”

I’m not surprised people are craving new music- they’re been plugging What Makes You Beautiful for a year (over here anyway- it was released in the US in February this year)! They released Gotta Be You and One Thing here but the US fans only had One Thing. Why didn’t they just released more songs from their album Up All Night?! I’m surprised they didn’t but I suppose with their management wants them to release a new album while they are mega popular.

One Direction’s debut single!

Here is the full video of One Direction’s first single, What Makes You Beautiful. Although they are way too young for me and I didn’t want to like this song, I love them and the song. It is very catchy.

The band, made up of Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, came third in last year’s X Factor competition. The single has been released to coincide with this year’s show. The single will be released on 11th September. I reckon it will be a big hit.

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