Ant-Man and the Wasp: Film Review

I’m definitely feeling the superhero fatigue – I wasn’t excited about Ant-Man and the Wasp at all, even though I loved the original and his appearance in Captain America: Civil War. It was kinda what I expected though – a lot of fun but ultimately just good. I couldn’t stretch any better than ‘good’.

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Unlocked: Film Review

Noomi Rapace is a brilliant actress who can handle emotional, character-driven stuff as well as kick-ass action sequences so it is a shame she isn’t given more great roles. Unlocked is a step in the right direction but she still deserves more.

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Michael Pena & Michael Douglas talk Ant-Man


Michael Pena, who is a total scene stealer in the upcoming Ant-Man, talked to us at this week’s London premiere about being preparing for the part of Scott Lang’s crime partner Luis and potential sequels.

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Ant-Man: Film Review


I have to admit my expectations for Ant-Man were the lowest they have ever been for a Marvel movie. The concept was laughable, the trailers did not excite me and I just could not see how it would work. Well, colour me well and truly surprised. Much like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man was unexpectedly amazing and I encourage everyone to watch it.

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Pictures from the Ant-Man London premiere



Tonight the stars of Marvel’s latest superhero movie Ant-Man arrived on the ant carpet – yes, you read that right – ANT CARPET, in London’s Leicester Square. Paul Rudd was obviously there plus his co-stars Michael Douglas, Michael Pena and director Peyton Reed. Evangeline Lilly was not there but she is eight months pregnant, so that’s okay.

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Top film recommendations for July


The month of July is here – I know, it’s come around so fast! – and we are well and truly into blockbuster season. But there are still plenty of others offer so here are top six movies I cannot wait to see this movie.

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Big Pics: Kate Winslet, Michelle Williams & Chloe Moretz

Kate Winslet


Kate looks STUNNING in this shoot for Harper’s Bazaar. In the interview, she said: “I’ve really learnt a great deal about myself, in the last four years in particular. I think I can see more clearly now – about how the pattern of past experiences has shaped who I am, and the characters I have played – and I’m grateful for that.” Kate got married for the third time last December.


Chloe Moretz & Dionne Bromfield


Who knew that these guys were friends?! How do they even know each other?! What a cool pairing though.

Emily VanCamp


Emily looks badass in this shoot! She is definitely channeling her Revenge character Emily/Amanda. She called the final scene in the most recent episode her worst ever. She said: “‘(The scene) was the worst day of work in my life – it felt like torture. They had me in a tank of 6°C water for seven hours and I probably should have said, “I can’t do this anymore.” By three in the morning, my body was in shock.” Poor girl!



Here is the first promotional look at Michael Douglas as Liberace! Matt Damon plays his lover Scott Thorson. The director, Steven Soderbergh, said that it was tough to get the film made as most studios thought it was “too gay” or “too explicit”. There are a number of sex scenes in the movie, which got a bit awkward.

Damon recalled: “‘The scene where I’m behind him and going at him, we did that in one take. We do it. Cut. There’s a long pause. And then you just hear Steven [director] go, “Well… I have no notes.”’ It must have been a tough shoot. I reckon it is going to be equally uncomfortable to watch!

Michelle Williams


Michelle dons various guises for this shoot for AnOther magazine. In the interview, she said: “I guess realising that there is no such thing as a perfect balance, it’s not like riding a bicycle, you don’t want to just figure it out and stay on track. I find that when I’m working, there are only two things: there’s my work and the kid, everything else has to fall away.” People have read this as an explanation for her split with Jason Segel, but who knows.

She also explained the way she chooses her roles: “What I’ve learned is that I don’t really know why I wanna play a role. All that I know is that the first time a read a script is the most important time that I read a script and there’s either an instantaneous connection in that moment, or there isn’t.”




Big Pics: Rochelle Wiseman, Bradley Cooper and Matt Damon

1. Check out Rochelle Wiseman’s honeymoon outfit. Or should I say Mrs Humes. The Saturdays singer had her new name emblazoned on the back of her tracksuit in rhinestones, much like the tracksuits used before the wedding for all the main players in the ceremony. The pair jetted off to an exotic location after their wedding at Blenheim Palace, Oxford on Friday.

2. To another couple in love- this is really sweet picture of Kristen Wiig and Fabrizio Moretti from The Strokes. We found out the pair were dating when they went to Ellie Kemper’s wedding together last month. I love Kristen and I just love this photo because she looks so happy in it! The actress divorced Hayes Hargrove in 2009 after four years.

3. Look at Matt Damon! The hair, the outfit…it is just remarkable. The Bourne Identity actor is embarking on his first gay role in the HBO movie, Behind The Candelabra. He will play Liberace’s lover of five years, Scott Thorson. Liberace is played by Michael Douglas and the movie will be directed by Steven Soderbergh. It is based on the autobiography of the same name written by Thorson after Liberace’s death, in which he documents his time with the popular piano player. It is uncertain how much of the relationship the film will show but it ended due to Liberace’s promiscuity and Thorson’s drug addiction so it is going to be a tough role for both Damon and Douglas! Shall be interesting to see the finished product.

4. I don’t think I will ever look at him in the same way again! Bradley Cooper shows his psychical acting skills in his role as The Elephant Man. He creates the deformities by holding himself in a certain way and I reckon it would be hard work! I am impressed but at the same time, freaked out by how un-hot he looks! He is currently showing off on-stage acting chops with the play in Massachusetts.

CZJ in mental health clinic

I could not believe this. Poor Catherine Zeta Jones has checked into a mental health unit to treat her bi-polar disorder.

The stress of her husband, Michael Douglas’ battle with throat cancer is the main contributing factor to her health problem.

Her spokesperson said: “After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check into a mental heath facility for a brief stay to treat her bi-polar II disorder. She’s feeling great and looking forward to starting work this week on two upcoming films.”

I hope she gets better soon.