Roma: Venice Film Review

After achieving success with English-language films like Gravity and Children of Men, Alfonso Cauron has returned to his native Mexico for Roma, a family drama on a much smaller scale.

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Jennifer Aniston to adopt?

Rumours have been circulating in magazines this week that Jennifer Aniston may be looking to adopt a child from Mexico. The procedures are complicated, especially when the recipient is single but it seems she is getting desperate.

It would seem that Jen, 41, is aware that time is ticking away for her to have children or to be young enough to look after one. But biological children are not a viable option for Jen considering she seems to be constantly unlucky in love and can’t hold down a relationship for very long since her split from Brad Pitt.

The proceedings are being kept secret but US reports show that Jen visited an orphanage in Mexico. Sources also say that she would like a boy. Hopefully, if the paperwork is cleared, she will have a lovely little child to keep her company.