The Walking Dead is ending and I’m so relieved

The Walking Dead

Considering how often I have written posts about wishing The Walking Dead would end, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t write something now that my wish is coming true.

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What happened to The Walking Dead’s CGI budget?

Bad CGI in TV shows in no longer acceptable – and viewers of The Walking Dead made that clear last week when we saw the embarrassingly bad CGI deer (above) that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) tried to kill in a fairground. It didn’t get much better in the most recent episode, so what is going on?

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The Walking Dead: Why are you so dull?!


Is it just me or is this season of The Walking Dead seriously DRAGGING?! We have had six episodes and the plot has not forward much at all. In comparison to seasons which have come before, this is pretty weak and dull.

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