Think Like a Dog: Film Review

Think Like A Dog

If you are desperate to find something new for your young child to watch – something that is sickly sweet, breezy, and average – then Think Like a Dog is right up your street.

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This is 40: Review


If you love Judd Apatow movies, then you will love this. It is written in the same style as his other movies and the dialogue is as witty as its predecessor, Knocked Up.

This “sort-of sequel” focuses on Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann), who are both turning forty within the same week. You may remember their troublesome marriage from Knocked Up as Debbie was Katherine Hiegl’s sister in that movie. They were forever arguing and getting upset with each other, so you can only imagine what they are like a few years down the line. They have day-to-day struggles but the main concern in this film is their age and their financial troubles.


The first hour was fantastic- I thought the dialogue was so realistic and the scenarios were completely plausible. They had their problems but it was funny, bickering problems. These then get worse and it just becomes a lot of shouting and swearing and gets a bit random in places. It stopped becoming funny because it looked like they may divorce and I just wasn’t enjoying the constant yelling. I would say that it was fine for the first 60-90 mins but then it gets a bit crazy.


I think I liked this more than Knocked Up because the humour wasn’t through random happenings or characters, it was because their depiction of family life is very accurate. Things did get a bit over the top and random further into the movie, when everything descended into chaos.



I love Judd’s writing and I think Rudd and Mann had brilliant chemistry. They were brilliant together and it just felt like some of their dialogue was improvised. Their two children were hilarious in their own right- that may be because they were both played by Leslie and Judd’s real-life daughter, Iris and Maude. There were plenty of familiar supporting characters. Jason Segel is barely in it as Debbie’s personal trainer, Megan Fox gets the biggest supporting role as Debbie’s colleague, John Lithgow as Debbie’s dad, Melissa McCarthy as a parent (I didn’t like her part) plus Chris O’ Dowd and Lena Dunham pop up as workers at Pete’s record label. I would have loved to see more of these characters.




I really did enjoy this, for the most part. It doesn’t really relate to Knocked Up at all and Katherine Heigl makes no appearance despite them being close in that movie and there being family events in this. It did seem a bit strange. There isn’t much of a plot, just several obstacles that need overcoming. It could have been about half hour shorter as 135 minutes is a long time for a comedy. I think the dialogue and characterisation of the central family make up for that- they are spot on. I recommend.

Big Pics: Jessica Alba, Britney Spears & Megan Fox

Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba caused quite a stir on Hollywood Boulevard after she set up a kissing booth for the public. This was all part of a stunt which was broadcast live on the Jimmy Kimmel show.


Megan Fox


Megan and her husband Brian Austin Green were obviously making the most of time away from son Noah by getting smoochy at a Brahma party in Rio.


Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa is completely dwarfed by Katherine Heigl at the Jenny Packham show at New York’s Fashion Week. She should stick with people more her height like AnnaSophia Robb and Victoria Justice (see below).


Selena Gomez & Lily Collins


Did we know that these guys were friends before?! It is hardly surprising though since Lily knows everyone and Selena seems to be friends with everyone.

Britney Spears


What a horrible Adidas top! Ewww! Anyway, Britney teased her Twitter followers with this picture taken from the upcoming remix video to Scream and Shout. Looks like she has been seriously airbrushed too!

Big Pics: Megan Fox, Rihanna & Miley Cyrus

Megan Fox


Check out Megan getting her dance on at a samba school in Sao Paulo. She was joined by husband Brian Austin Green, who just sat by and watched. The pair are in Brazil in time for the Rio Carnival.



Rihanna has let slip that she will be performing with the Marley brothers tonight at the Grammys after posting this backstage photo.

Girls Aloud


The stress of their tour rehearsals are clearly getting to them as the girls had to have a nap. Don’t they (Nadine, Kimberley and Nicola) look so cute together!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West


Check out Kimye being all touristy and taking a ton of pictures at the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. The pair are in the city for the carnival. I don’t approve of Kim’s outfit (particularly the acid yellow shoes) and Kanye looks like he’s wearing slippers. Look at their Titanic pose below.


Katy Perry & Miley Cyrus


I love how close Miley and Katy are. They were hanging out at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party. Miley is showing A LOT of sideboob so you won’t be surprised when I tell you that she suffered a nip-slip.

P Diddy 


What a multi-tasker! Diddy tweeted this pic of him getting a haircut AND getting a tattoo at the same time. I’m impressed.

Megan Fox unintentionally criticises Lindsay Lohan in interview


Poor Megan, when she agreed to do a shoot and interview with Esquire, she was probably just hoping to show off her post-baby bod (which is hot!) and promote her new film, This is 40. However, her comments about Lindsay Lohan that she made during the interview shocked some people who thought she was bitching about the actress. Megan has since clarified her remarks on Facebook.

During the interview, Megan, 26, spoke about removing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo. She explained: “I started reading about her [Monroe] and realized that her life was incredibly difficult. It’s like when you visualize something for your future. I didn’t want to visualize something so negative.”

“She wasn’t powerful at the time. She was sort of like Lindsay [Lohan]. She was an actress who wasn’t reliable, who almost wasn’t insurable…. She had all the potential in the world, and it was squandered. I’m not interested in following in those footsteps.”


I see that this is derogatory towards Lindsay but I understand the point that Megan was trying to make. I didn’t think she was intentionally being mean as that’s not Megan’s style. As usual, fans got up in arms about it so Megan smoothed things over on Facebook.

She clarified: “I attempted to draw parallels between Lindsay and Marilyn in order to illustrate my point that while Marilyn may be an icon now, sadly she was not respected and taken seriously while she was still living. Both women were gifted actresses, whose natural talent was lost amongst the chaos and incessant media scrutiny surrounding their lifestyles and their difficulties adhering to studio schedules etc.”


She admitted fault but continued to express the point she was trying to make.


“I intended for this to be a factual comparison of two women with similar experiences in Hollywood. Unfortunately it turned into me offering up what is really much more of an uneducated opinion. It was most definitely not my intention to criticize or degrade Lindsay. I would never want her to feel bullied, as she does not deserve that. I was not always speaking eloquently during this interview and this miscommunication is my fault.”


I feel a bit sorry for Megan- just for how it came out. However, I don’t feel too bad because look at that bod! She looks back to normal! It wasn’t exactly a hard job though as she only gained 23lbs when she was pregnant with Noah and she has had since September to shift it.

She also hinted that films aren’t quite satisfying her anymore, saying: “Films don’t hold the answers I’m looking for…. Would you not be so much more interested in finding out that bigfoot existed than in watching a really good movie?”

It is a bit of an odd thing to say- does this mean she’s quitting movies to be an archaeologist?!  Megan, you are a weird one!



Video: Megan Fox gets her groove on in This Is 40

Here’s a short, hilarious behind-the-scenes video from the making of This is 40, the spin-off to the 2007 comedy Knocked Up.

In this video, you will see Megan Fox talking about her dancing scenes with co-star Leslie Mann. Seeing Megan really getting into her dance moves is brilliant! She is so funny. It shows that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and is happy to do crazy moves for the sake of comedy.

I cannot wait for this movie which is why I’m so disappointed by it’s release over here! The US can see it from tomorrow whereas we have to wait until February. Boo!

Here’s the snippet and below that, I’ve added the trailer so you can get a feel for the whole thing.



Megan Fox “screamed for an epidural” during childbirth


Megan Fox has revealed how painful her birth to son Noah was-calling it “horrific”- which really puts me off the thought of childbirth.

She told Access Hollywood: “I was screaming for an epidural when Brian was driving me to the hospital because my water broke on its own and I was immediately — it was level orange alert pain.”

“It was so intense. And I thought I was gonna be really tough and make it, I was gonna labour to like 8 cm… but the first contraction that I got was horrific.”
It’s refreshing to hear actresses opening up truthfully about their birth experience. It’s also a bit scary. Megan would do it all again though as she describes her depth of feeling for Noah, who was born in September.
“The whole thing has been overwhelming because I didn’t realize you could love something so much, and I know people always say that but I love him so much it hurt.”The 26-year-old added: “It’s exhausting, but it’s amazing and you can’t – until you have kids – you can’t imagine how much you could possibly love a human being.”

Megan and her husband, Brian Austin Green, welcomed Noah into the world on the same day (and same hospital) as Reese Witherspoon for her son Tennessee. It worked out well for them though because Reese’s labour meant that they managed to get in and out of the hospital without anybody knowing. In an amazing feat, Megan and Brian actually managed to keep Noah’s birth a secret for a few weeks before announcing it on Facebook.
Fox, who is generally guarded about her private life, couldn’t resist gushing about her son, saying: “He’s getting to that place where he’s smiling and he’s almost ready to laugh, and I can’t wait for that baby laugh that almost makes you feel like you can fly, like your heart’s going to explode.”
I am so happy for her. I’m also impressed that she only put on 23lb during her pregnancy so it was a piece of cake shifting it afterwards (see how good she’s looking in the picture above). Fox can next be seen in Knocked Up spin-off This is 40 and will have a cameo appearance in her husband’s new TV show The Wedding Band.

Top Videos: Megan Fox, Ashlee Simpson and One Direction

Megan Fox 

Now this is weird. This video is for the Megan Fox’s Acer laptop advert in which she plays herself, but someone who wants to talk to dolphins. She works with scientists to achieve it and you see her trying to communicate with the dolphin. It is trying (and failing) to be funny. You just wonder why Megan is in such crap. It is just so weird. Not as bad as Brad Pitt’s Chanel commerical but still bad. Megan does look hot in it though!


One Direction 

Here is the video for the boys’ latest single, Little Things. The acoustic track is very stripped bare and the video is as well. It is in black and white and very simple- with the boys singing it in a recording studio. I think the track is sweet though not memorable and the video works well with tone of the song.


Ashlee Simpson 

Ashlee is back on the music scene! Here is the teaser for her first single, Bat For a Heart. I haven’t heard it in full but it is certainly different to her old stuff and I’m excited to hear what material she will bring out next. I loved her old stuff. She last released a single in 2008. Since then, she has been married, had a child, been in some TV shows and got divorced. She is now back to her music career and the full video will be released on 21st November.

Megan Fox becomes a mum

Megan Fox has became a mum to a baby boy named Noah Shannon Green on September 27th, the actress announced today.

The 26-year-old took to Facebook to tell her fans about her first child. In a long personal message (rather than a statement woohoo!), the Transformers star gushes about her baby, which she had with husband Brian Austin Green.

“We have been lucky to have had a few peaceful weeks at home, but I would like to release this myself before others do. I gave birth to our son Noah Shannon Green on September 27th. He is healthy, happy, and perfect.”

She continued, “We are humbled to have the opportunity to call ourselves parents of this beautiful soul and I am forever grateful to God for allowing me this kind of boundless, immaculate love.

“Thanks to those of you who wish to send your positive energy and well wishes. May God bless you and your families abundantly.”

I am so happy for her! She sounds so happy and I am thrilled she’s written a personal note rather than your standard statement. She probably had PR help to write it but it sounds so much better and it makes you way more excited for her.

Megan married Brian in June 2010. She is already stepmother to his ten-year-old son Kassius, who he had from a previous relationship.

Big Pics: Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox and Glee!

1. Check out Scarlett Johansson and her new boyfriend Nate Naylor. The Avengers actress has been linked to Nate since February but we haven’t officially seen them out before. They were in the French capital with friends. Nate is a New York based advertising director and Scarlett’s first relationship since her stint with Sean Penn. She also married Ryan Reynolds in 2008 but they split by 2010. I have to say, I’m not a big fan of his random arm tattoos, but he seems quite cool. Also, Scarlett is rocking her specs!

2. Uma Thurman has been spotted out with her baby for the first time recently. The Kill Bill star cradled her daughter in her arms whilst walking through New York City. The 42-year-old actress gave birth a month ago and the father is businessman Arpad Busson. The name of their child is still unknown but doesn’t she look adorable!

3. In other baby news, check out Megan Fox’s baby bump! She was spotted grabbing coffee in a fab print dress and she just looks amazing! She is definitely getting bigger too!

4. Well we knew they were dating but here we’ve got snaps of Taylor Swift and boyfriend Conor Kennedy having a smooch in public! The pair were spotted hanging out at Cape Cod, Massachusetts having some fun in the water. I just love Taylor’s style in these pics!

5. Here is a first look of Sarah Jessica Parker’s role in Glee! Producer Ryan Murphy posted a picture to Twitter of Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt, with Sarah, who will be playing a character named Isabelle. Chris retweeted the post, saying, “‘I love her – I love her! Can we keep her?”

Rumours suggest that Parker will only have a on-off appearance as a fashion editor who becomes a mentor to Kurt and Rachel. I reckon she’ll be in a few episodes though. Vogue editor Anna Wintour will be helping put together Parker’s wardrobe! How cool! I cannot wait for this upcoming season of Glee!