Shazam!: Film Review

I could not get excited about Shazam! There seemed to be very little publicity or hype, the trailer looked a bit rubbish and lame, and I don’t have much faith in DCEU films, so I was beyond surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it.

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Film Review

As you all probably know, I LOVED Kingsman: The Secret Service (read review here); I bought it on DVD, I have seen it multiple times and I developed a massive crush on newcomer Taron Egerton, so Kingsman: The Golden Circle was always going to have a struggle to be as good as, if not better. It definitely isn’t as amazing as the first one but don’t write it off as it’s still a highly entertaining movie.

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Pics: Taron Egerton, Colin Firth & Julianne Moore at the Kingsman: The Golden Circle premiere

Last night I went to the absolutely mental World Premiere of Kingsman: The Golden Circle in London’s Leicester Square and the cast turn out was phenomenal! Click through to check out all my pics.

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The Imitation Game: Film Review


I cannot fault this at all. It is such a beautiful film and Benedict Cumberbatch is absolutely brilliant as Alan Turing. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t know this story before and now I want everyone to know his contribution to the war effort and the injustice he suffered afterwards.

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Before I Go To Sleep: Film Review


This has been out for a while but I finally managed to see it! The reviews I had read weren’t exactly exuding enthusiasm for this movie so my expectations were very low but my love of the book by S. J. Watson meant that I still desperately wanted it to be good. And it was, so I am satisfied.

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