The King of Staten Island: Film Review

The King of Staten Island

Pete Davidson gives us an insight into his life with his semi-autobiographical comedy, The King of Staten Island.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home – Film Review

Spider-Man: Far From Home has a tough job being the first film after Avengers: Endgame so I’m happy to report that MCU fans will come away satisfied.

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Trainwreck: Film Review


Trainwreck has been out in the U.S. for a while now and the reviews have been great so I was expecting a lot from this Judd Apatow rom-com, written by the star Amy Schumer, and it totally delivers. The genre has died off in recent years because they get so formulaic and samey, but this is super smart, witty and totally hilarious.

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Hugh Grant: The Rewrite Q&A


Hugh Grant came to the Apple Store on London’s Regent Street on Friday and had a chat with Edith Bowman about his new romantic comedy/drama The Rewrite, which co-stars Marisa Tomei. It looks pretty much like the films he has done before (especially Music & Lyrics) so I’m not particularly bothered about it, but I still had to go see Hugh in person!

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