Critics Choice Awards: Red Carpet Fashion

More awards ceremonies! It has been a crazy week for nominations and awards! Just one night after the People’s Choice Awards, the celebs headed out to the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards. The biggest winners were Jennifer Lawrence and Ben Affleck. Argo won Best Film and Affleck for director, Jessica Chastain won best actress and Daniel Day-Lewis for best actor. For the full list, see here.

So, like usual, here are my fashion hits and misses:



Jessica Chastain


This is simple but elegant and it is compliments her hair.

Nina Dobrev


I love the colour and the texture. She looks gorgeous.

Naomi Watts


After a fashion fail last night, Naomi brings it back looking sexy.

Amy Adams


I love the skirt more than the top half but it’s really nice. Not the best but definitely a hit.

Jennifer Lawrence


Jen has brought it back after a fashion fail the night before. I don’t really like the random veil-type material hanging down, but the rest is great.

Amanda Seyfried


I’m not a big fan of the skirt but the top half is gorgeous. So pretty.


Leslie Mann


The colour is sweet but the top looks like wallpaper print and the skirt is too big.

Elle Fanning


I have never seen this girl wear anything I like. She always dresses YEARS older- she needs to take tips from Chloe Moretz and dress her age.

Famke Janssen


This is just horrible. There are no redeeming qualities.

Marion Cotillard


I was undecided on this at first but the reason I don’t like it because of the colour and the amount of flowers embroided. If it were white with less flowers, I would love it.