To the Stars: Film Review

To the Stars

I wanted to give To the Stars a chance because I thought Kara Hayward was fantastic as Suzy Bishop in Moonrise Kingdom and Liana Liberato constantly gives great performances, and while they both delivered the goods in this coming-of-age story, the plot itself was misjudged and uneven.

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Big Pics: Lindsay Lohan, Cara Delevigne & Carey Mulligan

Lindsay Lohan 


Here is the first picture of Lindsay heading to the Betty Ford treatment centre. At least we know she’s actually there. Let’s hope she uses this time properly!

Cara Delevigne


Cara seemed be laughing but this could get her in trouble! The model dropped a suspicious looking packet of white powder on the floor when she left her house. There has been no explanation for it either- she doesn’t even seem concerned! Check out her smooch with Sienna Miller at the Met Gala.


Hayden Panettiere


I love her pictures, they always make me laugh! Here, you can tell that Hayden is proud of her man, heavyweight boxer, Wladimir Klitschko.

Malin Akerman


Malin showed off her son Sebastian, who is less than a month old! This is the first look at her boy. Her caption was: “Did my hair today and this was my son’s reaction… I think he likes it ;)” Bless!

Carey Mulligan

Check out these crazy shots from Carey’s photoshoot with Flaunt magazine. She looks so different.

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Rock of Ages: Review

I really enjoyed this because it is fun, a laugh and will leave you with a smile on your face yet there are times when I doubted this. It isn’t consistently good. It was weird in places and I wasn’t 100% convinced on the singing and acting abilities of the two leads- Julianne Hough (Sherrie) and Diego Boneta (Drew).

In the 1970s, Sherrie moves to LA from Oklahoma to pursue a singing career. Upon arrival in the city, she is mugged outside rock club, The Bourbon Room. Drew, a bartender, helps her out and tries to sort her out with a job there. Romance blossoms between the pair but all that changes once Drew gets his first gig opening for Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise). Jaxx is the lead singer of Arsenal who is planning to go solo. He has got to the level of fame where nobody says no, he is arrogant, an alcoholic, ladykiller and always gets his way. It has turned him into a bit of arsehole.

There are plenty of supporting characters so the plot doesn’t just focus on Sherrie and Drew. Russell Brand is the manager of The Bourbon Room and Alec Baldwin is the owner. They are having financial difficulties with staff walking out, to Stacee’s greedy manager (Paul Giamatti) taking all their money and the possibility that rock music is dying out and being taken over by pop music. Catherine Zeta-Jones is the mayor’s wife who has a vendetta against Stacee and plans to ruin The Bourbon Room because of it.

Like I said, the film is very enjoyable and that is mainly due to the amazing rock songs used with it such as We Build This City, Here I Go Again, Hit Me With Your Best Shot and many, many more! However, there is a stage in the movie where the musical numbers are really close together and you start to lose the excitement. You just groan and think “not another one”. The numbers were good but the film was saturated with them in parts.

The cast also have questionable singing abilities- on some songs, I really like Hough’s voice and in others, I thought it was weak and childish. I was only convinced about the singing talents of Zeta-Jones and Boneta. I was impressed that all the cast could sing (including Tom!) but not all amazingly. With the songs being rock, they can get away with shouting or speaking some of the lyrics so the song choices hide weaknesses well. Diego and Julianne are both relatively new actors in a sea of seasoned professionals (bar Brand!) and it did show in some places. Some of their lines I cringed on for being so cheesy or cliched. They definitely grew throughout the duration of the movie and they became really convincing as the film progressed.

The main problem I have with this movie is the casting of Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx. I’m not saying I hated it but I just had trouble taking the character seriously. I just kept thinking “I can’t believe Tom Cruise is playing this part!” It is a very bold move for Tom and I commend whoever sent him the script. It is such a departure from his normal roles that is is hard to get into his character. Jaxx is an arse who talks a lot of mumbo-jumbo and a lot of time I just wanted him to shut up. Once you’ve got over the novelty of the character, he becomes quite annoying. You also wish he would put a top on because I was getting grossed out by his torso after a while. For me, he wasn’t convincing as a rockstar. My favourite part of his was when you first met him and when he is trying seduce journalist Constance (Malin Akerman). Their musical number together is hilarious and Malin is a great singer!

There was a weird scene where it was revealed that Russell and Alec that were homosexuals or just had feelings for each other. It came out of nowhere. They started singing “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore” on their own in the empty club, ended up dancing together and then kissing. It was awkward and unnecessary because it was never referred to again and it seemed completely irrelevant to the plot so I just wish it was cut.

So, as you can see from my examples, there are some things about Rock of Ages that didn’t quite work for me. There were some “WTF?!” moments, but not in a good/funny way, but in a “that’s just too weird to enjoy” way. It’s not as innocent as some other musicals and it can be a bit sexual and also a bit bleak at times. Besides those instances, the film is really enjoyable and funny. It is great laugh and you will have the songs in your head for ages afterwards.

Big Pics: Harper Beckham, Selena Gomez, Pink and Miley Cyrus

1. How cute does Harper Seven Beckham look with her dad? She joined the rest of her family on a day out at Disneyland. I just love her chubby cheeks and Minnie Mouse headband. She’s adorable!


2. Does Malin Akerman realise she’s only wearing half a dress? The actress channelled Angelina Jolie is the leg-flashing stakes with this little numbers (which I think looks simply awful!). If it was just a leg slit, it wouldn’t be so bad, but the exposed midriff just looks horrible. She wore this to the LA premiere of her latest movie, Rock of Ages.


3. Selena Gomez looks pretty grown-up in a photo shoot for Elle magazine. Just look how revealing her bra top is! It makes her boobs look far larger than usual! She’s certainly departed from her Disney Channel image and I think her upcoming movie Spring Breakers will help with that too. She plays a rebellious teen who smokes and helps her group of friends rob a restaurant. The group (also including Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens) end up doing dirty work for a drug dealer. It will be released next year.


4. Turns out that Pink did have to spend her daughter’s birthday in hospital because she had to have her gall bladder removed. It was originally thought she had stomach flu and would make it home for Willow’s first birthday but her condition turned out to be far worse. She was even scheduled to perform for Obama this week but had to cancel that too. Her husband Carey Hart brought the party to the hospital so Pink didn’t miss out.

She tweeted; “Thanks family 4 bringing my lil girls party to the hospital all weekend for me. I spose it doesn’t matter where u r when u eat ur 1st cake!”

And what an amazing cake it was! Check out the picture below. I TOTALLY want one!

5.. And finally we have some great shots of Miley Cyrus’ engagement ring. While we did see it from afar a few days ago, it was only recently, when she stepped out in New Orleans with fiancé Liam Hemsworth, that we got a good look at it. And damn, it is nice! I very much approve.