The Owners: Film Review

The Owners

As a fan of Maisie Williams, I thought I’d give The Owners – the first film she shot after completing Game of Thrones – a try but I wish I hadn’t bothered. It’s a classic case of a great idea being failed by poor execution.

Williams plays Mary, whose boyfriend Nathan (Ian Kenny) takes her car to use as a getaway vehicle for a burglary so she catches up with him on a bike to scold him for making her late for work and inadvertently gets involved in the scheme too. Nathan, Gaz (Jake Curran), and Terry (Andrew Ellis) wait for Dr. Richard Huggins (Sylvester McCoy) and his wife Ellen (Rita Tushingham) to go out and they break into their mansion to steal their money. They’re unable to unlock the safe so decide to wait for the Hugginses to return so they can forcefully make them give over the code, but they soon discover they aren’t to be messed with, as they turn the tables on the trespassers.

I loved the concept of the film and director/co-writer Julius Berg had some great ideas but they weren’t fleshed out enough. A lot of time was given to the crew yelling among each other as their plan goes to hell when I would have preferred more time to have been dedicated to delving deeper into the Hugginses’ past. It’s obvious that they’re not who they say they are and they are hiding a sinister secret and that’s far more interesting. Even though we found out eventually, the reveal happened so quickly – it warranted a bigger moment than it was given – that I couldn’t really process it and I would have liked more of an explanation.

The screenplay needed much more work to elevate the characters beyond one-dimensional stereotypes and the ending shouldn’t have been so rushed, but Berg does well in creating an unnerving atmosphere once the Huggins duo is back in control. You can tell they’re weird and absolutely crazy but they’re a complete mystery so you have no idea what they’re capable of. I was expecting the film to go to a much darker, more gruesome place and horror fans may come away disappointed with the lack of jumps, scares, and gore.

Williams is the most likeable of the crew but that’s not saying much since her boyfriend is a dick, his mate is a psycho, and his other mate is a wet flannel. She puts her all into the role but I wish there was a bit more to her character. McCoy was excellent as the sinister doctor and Tushingham has the most terrifying eyes so they were very well cast and the stars of the show.

If you’re a diehard Williams fan, feel free to give this a whirl, but otherwise I’d advise you to skip it.

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Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

The New Mutants: Film Review


The New Mutants

At one point, after its release was delayed yet again, it started to seem like The New Mutants, a spin-off of the X-Men franchise, was cursed and would never see the light of day. It became something of a joke online so I went in assuming it would be rubbish but it was actually decent. Not amazing, but fine.

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Films I want to see this September


It’s baaaaack! For the first time since March, there seem to be enough movie releases to bring back my monthly movie preview.

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Departures: Film Review

I was a big fan of The Fault in Our Stars which meant Departures – also known as Then Came You – had an uphill battle to win me over. The plots are very similar so you can’t help but draw comparisons between them and Departures fails to match up.

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London Evening Standard British Film Awards: My experience


Last night I managed to bag myself an invite to the London Evening Standard’s British Film Awards, which were making a comeback after a three-year absence at the BBC Television Centre. I was incredibly excited but nervous because I had only ever covered red carpet arrivals, I’ve never been allowed in and I had no idea what to expect. Here’s a run-down of my night:

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Kate Winslet & Maisie Williams at the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards

Kate & Kenneth

Kate & Kenneth

Last night I went to down to the Mayfair Hotel in London to cover the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards and I must admit I was slightly disappointed with the line-up simply because I was expecting one of The Revenant cast to be there, or at least a few more global stars.

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The Falling: Film Review


Odd is the best way to describe The Falling. So weird that I didn’t like it. I’m all for independent cinema but I found this quite hard to access because you just did not understand what was going on and it just all seemed so bizarre.

Maisie Williams stars as Lydia, a schoolgirl who is fascinated by her friend Abigail (newcomer Florence Pugh). Abigail falls pregnant and begins fainting,  and soon her closest friends experience mass hysteria in the form of fainting and the school has no idea how to stop it.

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Screen Actors Guild Awards: Best & Worst Dressed


Another Sunday, another Hollywood red carpet event and obviously I had to analyse what the ladies were wearing. Sadly, this time around has been a pretty boring bunch. Besides the few that stood out (good and bad), and there weren’t many, everyone else just played it safe and wore something so uninspired and boring. For example, I have put Reese Witherspoon on my worst dressed list, not because her outfit is terrible, but because I expect more from her. She was top of my previous two lists from this award season and then she shows up in a bland white one-shoulder number. You can do way better Reese! So quite a lot of my worst dressed list was simply because they were underwhelming.

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