Greta: Film Review

You can always sign me up for a psychological thriller, but one that stars Isabelle Huppert and Chloe Grace Moretz gets a definite yes, yes, yes from me. Sadly, Greta wasn’t as satisfying as I’d hoped it would be and it was unexpectedly trashy.

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Independence Day: Resurgence – Film Review


I was never a huge fan of the 1996 movie Independence Day, so I didn’t get why this was necessary. Turns out, Independence Day: Resurgence was massively unnecessary – it is pretty much a rehash of the original and doesn’t add anything particularly refreshing or exciting. A wasted opportunity tbh.

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Top Films for June


How are we in June already?! I feel like I have only just written about May and here we are once again. I’m particularly unimpressed and uninspired with this month’s lot to be honest. Normally I have a huge list and cut it down to a few, but this month I haven’t even had to do that.

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