Madonna vs Taylor Swift: Whose has the best star-studded video?



Madonna has dropped the music video to Bitch I’m Madonna and people are pegging it as a rival Taylor Swift‘s star-studded promo for Bad Blood but it doesn’t even come close, despite having way bigger names. For a start, Madonna’s came out exclusively on Tidal, which is a pain in the arse in itself and half of these celebs weren’t actually at the filming – they were just added afterwards!

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Why exclusive Rihanna & Beyonce content will not make me get Tidal


Photo credit: Instagram

Yesterday Rihanna posted a link on Twitter for the new video for American Oxygen and, like most fans I’m sure, I was disappointed to find it send me to Tidal, where I could only watch it if I signed up to the free trial or the actual monthly subscription service.

I love Rihanna and always watch her videos. But does that make me want to get Tidal? No. One video is not that encouraging. I’m sure more content by the Tidal backers (Ri, Bey, Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Madonna) will be exclusive to the streaming app over time but that’s just going to make me listen to them, or get involved in their music, less. I don’t want to and shouldn’t have to pay to see a music video. So I still have no idea what American Oxygen sounds like, and I’m okay with that, because I think those artists are making a mistake and will lose fans/streams/play because of it.

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Grammys 2015: Best & Worst Dressed


You can always rely on the music industry for an interesting red carpet. So far this year, I’ve just covered movie events and they’ve been pretty boring in comparison. At the Grammys this year, celebs went big – which means the difference between best and worst dressed is radical! It makes writing pieces like this much more fun. The Grammys were on the same night as the BAFTA, which was a total snooze fest fashion-wise compared to this. Be prepared for some crazy outfits to come!

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Billboard Awards 2013: Backstage Pics


Here are some pictures that you wouldn’t have seen during the televised broadcast of the Billboard awards. They are Twitter/Instagram uploads and in-audience shots. I love seeing these pictures because they are a true representation of what the show was like.

Check out the thumbnails below.

Billboard Awards 2013: Best & Worst Dressed


Here is the usual! Last night was the annual Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Taylor Swift totally owned the night with EIGHT gongs and a performance of 22.

Nicki Minaj did well in rap categories, One Direction owned group categories, Bieber for male awards and Rihanna for R&B (although she wasn’t in attendance- nor were 1D). You can see the full list of winners here.

Here are my best and worst dressed:


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Met Ball 2013: Worst Dressed

Sarah Jessica Parker's dress/shoes/headpiece are all wrong.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress/shoes/headpiece are all wrong.

Well, I have to say, it was definitely easy finding the worst dressed culprits this year as most of the dresses were bad. That sounds dramatic but I would honestly say that three quarters of the guests wore awful outfits while only a quarter shone.

The Met Gala is an annual event to celebrate the opening of an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Really though, it has become more of a fashion parade with a ridiculous amount of celebrities making an appearance and putting in 100% effort into their look.

This year’s spring exhibition is PUNK: Chaos to Couture, so the guests were supposed to dress according to that theme. However, like most themed parties, there were a lot of people who didn’t stick to it AT ALL and others who went totally overboard.

Because this event is like a fashion show for celebrities, it means that they take risks to stand out which leads to a lot of bad outfits. I find more bad outfits from this event than most others! Putting this list together was easy- whittling it down to only 15 people was tough as there were loads more bad dresses.

Check out my pics in the slideshow below.

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Big Pics: Nicole Scherzinger, Justin Bieber & Madonna

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West


Kanye recently said that he didn’t want to appear on the Kardashians reality show because he wants to be taken seriously- yet he does this magazine shoot?! This is hardly going to do the trick. Attention-seeking much?!

Justin Bieber


What the heck is he wearing?! Justin may have wanted a disguise but he ended up drawing more attention to himself with the crazy headwear while shopping in London.



Loving this picture of Bey because it is a bit random. Why she is posing for a pic in the shower while fully-clothed?! Even make-up free she looks amazing and check those funky (and odd) trainers!



Crikey! Look at Madonna with her boyfriend Brahim after a costume party. They look awesome.



What a cool set of guys. Samuel L Jackson, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downer Jr, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner managed to reunite backstage at the Oscars for an Avengers pic. Love it.

Nicole Scherzinger


Nicole looks smoking hot in this interview and shoot for Notion magazine. She revealed during the chat that she was offered a position in the Black Eyed Peas before Fergie but had to turn it down as she was under contract with Eden’s Crush, the girlband she was originally in. She also admitted that she was given We Found Love before Rihanna (Leona Lewis has also claimed this) but she turned it down as she wasn’t feeling the dancey vibe.


Big Pics: Katy Perry, Isla Fisher & Madonna

Katy Perry 


Katy Perry and John Mayer are obviously getting serious after choosing to go public in a posed picture! The pair have shied away from cameras for months and always did things separately but last night, they took a big step and went a red carpet event together. They posed outside the new Broadway show, A Christmas Story. Earlier that evening, the pair were joined by John’s dad Richard at a restaurant.




This picture completely grosses me out! Madonna is too old to be doing this stuff in public. It grosses me out even more to know that this is her actual boyfriend Brahim Zaibat. For some unknown reason, Madonna decided to appall her fans at her Brazil show with a game of tonsil tennis. LOVELY.

Mariah Carey 


How cute is Mariah’s son?! The singer tweeted this picture of her one-year-old Moroccan in his pjs.

Isla Fisher


You hardly ever see Isla Fisher in the press so I’m lapping up these pictures! The Aussie actress is seen joking about with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen after the British Comedy Awards, where he cracked a bad taste Jimmy Saville joke. I find them an odd couple but it’s cute to see them in an off-guard moment like this.


Videos: Madonna’s teaches Ellen to Vogue!

Madonna was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote her album MDNA and tour, which is currently travelling the US.

After their chat, Madonna did some dancing and decided to show Ellen a few moves. She is actually funnier than I imagined. I had this image in my head of her being stiff and taking herself too seriously. She seemed awesome. Still not a big fan of her current music but her personality is nicer than I thought.

She presents Ellen with her own corset so she can learn to “touch her cones”. Later, Madonna’s volunteers her son Rocco to step into Ellen’s fundraising wet tank. Celebs get dunked to raise money for cancer research and instead of going in herself ( a la Liam Neeson), her 12-year-old son stepped up. His conversation with Ellen is so awkward and funny, especially when she asks him about his mum stripping off on tour.



Big Pics: Angelina, Madonna, Mary-Kate and Katy Perry

1. Check out Angelina Jolie in her latest movie, Maleficent. The actress is filming the Disney movie in England currently. She plays the witch responsible for Sleeping Beauty’s downfall in the live-action adaptation of the animated classic. Ange sports horns and fake raised cheekbones to complete her evil look.


2. I think these pictures declare to everyone that Madonna needs to put it away! I hate how revealing her outfits are and I think she just looks desperate. The pics were taken during her video shoot in Florence, Italy. Her next single will be Turn Up The Radio.


3. Finally, here is proper evidence that Mary-Kate Olsen is dating Olivier Sarkozy, who is 14 years her senior. Olivier is the half-brother of former French president Nicolas. The pair were out and about in New York with Olivier’s daughter. The thing that strikes me about this picture is how much Mary-Kate looks like another daughter of his. With his daughter on the right, you wouldn’t that was his girlfriend on the left- she certainly doesn’t look much older!


4. I just love the company Katy brought with her to the MMVAs at the weekend. The girls accompanied Katy on the red carpet in various incarnations of Katy from her recent videos. They are so cute and it’s a great idea! Not only that but Katy also stood out with her performance of latest single Wide Awake as she stood on a really tall podium and became a butterfly. It’s really clever and looks AMAZING!