Truth or Dare: Film Review

Truth or Dare looked bad anyway, but it’s really done itself a disservice coming out the week after the amazing horror A Quiet Place because it only highlights its weaknesses and makes it look even worse by comparison.

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People’s Choice Awards: Best & Worst Dressed

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Yay! Awards season is officially back. It all kicked off last night with the People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles. You can find out all the winners here – but let’s be honest, these things are just as much about the red carpet style!

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Pretty Little Liars: Finally, a satisfying finale!



The Pretty Little Liars mid-season finale seems to have really divided opinion but I can officially say the episode Game Over, Charles was probably the most satisfying pay-off this show has even given us loyal viewers. It made sense, it confirmed ages-old suspicions while teasing a really interesting time jump.

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Taylor Swift’s Independence Day pool party & more celeb pics


Taylor Swift makes me jealous of her squad at the best of times but her pics from her Independence Day weekend celebrations are just the worst. I have serious envy. And she’s not the only one… check out these amazing celeb party pics!!

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Pretty Little Liars: 100th episode shockers

From Lucy Hale's Instagram

From Lucy Hale’s Instagram

Well, we know the creators of Pretty Little Liars like to keep their bombshells for momentous occasions and the landmark 100th episode was no exception. I can’t believe there have been 100 episodes already, it feels like only yesterday it started.

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Teen Choice Awards: Best & Worst Dressed

Last night, the Teen Choice Awards were held at the Gibson Ampitheatre in LA.The Awards have an insane amount of categories covering movies, music and television.

Over 130 million teenagers voted! The big winners of the night were The Hunger Games, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars (yaaay!), Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift has accumulated twenty surfboards over time making her the highest award-winning female in the Awards history. I also consider her one of the best dressed last night.

Here are my top three best and worst dressed.



Taylor Swift 

Lea Michele 

Lucy Hale 



Demi Lovato

Cat Deeley 

Jordin Sparks