Speed-the-Plow: Theatre Review

Lindsay Lohan as Karen and Nigel Lindsay as Charlie Fox in Speed-the-Plow

I guess the majority of the audience were here to see Lindsay Lohan, but I was in the minority because I didn’t want to see a trainwreck – I wanted her to prove the critics wrong, to prove that she does still have acting talent and that she can commit to eight shows a week. I still love Lindsay and I was wishing throughout that she wouldn’t screw up. And she didn’t, so I’m happy.

I was a bit dubious about booking tickets a month into the run because I was scared she would bail – but it actually turned out to be a godsend because it meant that she had nailed the script by this point and had really got to grips with her character, which I don’t think she had fully achieved during press night at the end of September.

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Big Pics: Miley Cyrus, Cheryl Cole & Jennifer Lawrence

Lea Michele


Lea captured her cat having a little snuggle. How cute!

Cheryl Cole


Cheryl looked stunning as she arrived in Cannes. She was there as part of her role as L’Oreal ambassador, as was Eva- who looked amazing too!


Mean Girls


Cheeky! You may recognise this guy as Jonathon Bennett, who played Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls. He is telling Lindsay to go to jail. OH, BURRRRRN!

Miley Cyrus


Miley seemed to have a crazy late-night session of trying on wigs! She seemed to be loving her activity, tweeting: “2 am Wig FUN” and “Why am I up at 3 wearing my @NICKIMINAJ wig loving life”. More to the point, why does she own a Nicki Minaj wig in the first place?! She looks crazy!


The Hunger Games


How stunning does Jennifer Lawrence look here with Liam Hemsworth and Sam Claflin?! I love her hair! The trio were promoting Catching Fire at the Cannes Film Festival. Check out JLaw at the afterparty.



Big Pics: Lindsay Lohan, Cara Delevigne & Carey Mulligan

Lindsay Lohan 


Here is the first picture of Lindsay heading to the Betty Ford treatment centre. At least we know she’s actually there. Let’s hope she uses this time properly!

Cara Delevigne


Cara seemed be laughing but this could get her in trouble! The model dropped a suspicious looking packet of white powder on the floor when she left her house. There has been no explanation for it either- she doesn’t even seem concerned! Check out her smooch with Sienna Miller at the Met Gala.


Hayden Panettiere


I love her pictures, they always make me laugh! Here, you can tell that Hayden is proud of her man, heavyweight boxer, Wladimir Klitschko.

Malin Akerman


Malin showed off her son Sebastian, who is less than a month old! This is the first look at her boy. Her caption was: “Did my hair today and this was my son’s reaction… I think he likes it ;)” Bless!

Carey Mulligan

Check out these crazy shots from Carey’s photoshoot with Flaunt magazine. She looks so different.

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Big Pics: Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde & Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus 


Miley was named #1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list. WTF?! I hear you say. I cannot believe it either. She looks good but not THAT good.

Emma Stone & Olivia Wilde


Emma and Olivia are representatives for Revlon so they had to show their support for the make-up brand’s charity run/walk event in New York. Even Emma’s boyfriend Andrew Garfield came along for support with his dog!



Lindsay Lohan 


Piers had a very frank interview with Lindsay before she went to rehab. While she was very candid and answered every question, I can’t help but think she was lying through her teeth a number of times. She claims that she doesn’t drink that much, that she could quit drinking at any time and that she has only done cocaine four times. You can read the full transcript of the interview here.



Rihanna debuted a longer, two-toned hairstyle this week at the Brooklyn Nets game. I like!

Reese Witherspoon


Is Reese for real?! She is wearing the cap of the police department which arrested her. Why would she do that?! You would think she would try and forget this whole situation rather than bring it our attention via a hat. She may be poking fun at herself but it’s just a bit silly if you ask me.

Lindsay Lohan’s rehab fiasco


Earlier this week, it looked like Lindsay Lohan was taking her rehab stint in her stride. She posted a picture on Instagram poking fun at her situation- she was attempting to take 270 outfits for her 90 day visit. I thought she would actually take it seriously this time.

The nearer she got to her the date, the more panicked she became. She has left the rehab centre already- staying there less than an hour. Is she even allowed to do that?! I thought she wasn’t allowed out at all, so what the hell?!

Lindsay seems to think she can do what she likes and has disregarded her plea deal. She would have headed to jail for lying to the police and violating her probation- but her lawyer managed to get her the rehab stint and fine instead. So Lindsay HAS to do this as it is court-ordered. She could be arrested if she doesn’t return.


Her problems started before she went as she wanted a facility which would allow her to smoke. She is unhappy that she was giving a place in California rather than her chosen centre in Florida. According to her dad, Michael Lohan, she was “crying hysterically” before getting the plane to the West Coast.

He explained: “Lindsay is heading to California but she doesn’t want to go to the place she’s going and she’s upset that she’s being forced to.”

He continued to Radar Online: “But she’s going to Morningside in Newport Beach until she can transfer to the one in Florida.”

So, do you reckon she left because she didn’t like the place?! Why did she even bother flying there? Or, was she never planning to stay in rehab regardless of where she was put. I’m so confused. She called the stint “a blessing” on David Letterman but then she disrespects the law again. Why couldn’t she just wait until the transfer?! Does she WANT to go to jail?!

I just don’t understand that girl. She clearly doesn’t want to help herself. On Letterman, she seemed set on making the best of her stay, working through her problems and putting her issues behind her. I guess that was all BS.

UPDATE: According to reports, Lindsay has ditched her current lawyer Mark Heller for the lawyer before (who she fired) Shawn Holley. It is thought that they brokered a deal for her to stay at the Betty Ford centre in LA. It seems like an odd choice as she was accused of assaulting staff during her stay in 2010.

Big Pics: Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes & Mariah Carey

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay was clearly having problems packing for her stint in rehab. She captioned this with :”90 days and 270 looks”. At least she can take it in good humour I suppose.

Katy Perry 


Lucky Miss Katy- she gets to go shopping with designer Tommy Hilfiger.

James Franco


What a risqué cake! James was obviously impressed with it as he uploaded a picture onto his WhoSay account. His birthday was at the start of April but this was a belated celebration in Miami.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon


Mariah did the ultimate cheesy thing and got married in Disneyland, in costume. Oh dear. She arrived in the Cinderella carriage as well and their twins Monroe and Moroccan were involved. It is just so cringe. Mariah and Nick were actually renewing their vows on the fifth anniversary of their wedding.

Victoria Beckham


Check out Posh’s new tousled crop. I love it!

Amanda Bynes


Amanda is definitely getting worse. She claimed she was fat on Twitter as the caption for this pic, which doesn’t make sense. There is no fat on her! And, if she truly thought that, she wouldn’t upload such a revealing pic. Impressed by her boobs though!

Big Pics: Taylor Swift, Lea Michele & Rihanna

Taylor Swift


Taylor enjoyed some down time from her Red tour by having a day out at Disney World in Florida. Check out Ed Sheeran’s face next to her! Brilliant! She also got an in-ride snap of her on the Tower of Terror.


Robert Downey Jr


What on earth is Robert wearing?! Poor Gwyneth Paltrow obviously didn’t get the memo about comedy dress. As he was in Germany, RDJ thought he would wear traditional lederhosen with bright green socks. He has the attitude to work it but I wonder if Gwyneth was embarrassed?! He does look pretty silly.



Here, Rihanna is getting ready to give her best friend, Melissa Forde, a surprise cake in bed for her birthday. Loving the pink dressing gown!


Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan


Charlie and Lindsay seem pretty close at the premiere of Scary Movie 5 in LA. Lindsay did show up late but she looked good.

Lea Michele


Lea has been working on her fitness to distract herself from Cory Monteith being in rehab. She worked off her problems by hiking with best pal, Jonathan Groff.


Lindsay Lohan is a tough cookie on David Letterman


Lindsay Lohan appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman last night to promote Scary Movie 5. Obviously, David wanted to talk about other things- namely her court-ordered stint in rehab.

David tried his best but Lindsay was tough and deflected most questions with a joke. So it was pretty awkward and a lot of it was them joking around, with David trying to get as much out of her as possible. She refused to answer some questions, claimed that she wasn’t told about some topics in their pre-interview chat and even read his prompt sheet so he wouldn’t talk about some things out loud.


She wouldn’t answer what she was heading to rehab for specifically and she didn’t answer the question “do you have addiction problems?” which I think is very telling. She joked about her stealing, saying she was going to come out with the tag still in her dress. She also joked about her apparent alcohol addiction- after having a drink of water, she went “I thought this was going to be vokda”.

She called her upcoming three month rehab stay (commencing on May 2nd) “a blessing” and said she was looking forward to it so she could put her past behind her. When asked about her troubles, she didn’t really explain why she still gets into trouble. 

She said: “I’m a target, I also have been. I have put myself in situations in the past and I take full responsibility for it and it wasn’t funny and I was being immature. I was going through a phase and I had a lot of family stuff going on. You grow up and you mature. I’ve said that a million times, I know that. What else I am supposed to say when it’s a process of life. I’m not trying to deny any situation I’ve been put in.” 


Lindsay even teared up a bit towards the end after David congratulated her on going to rehab, that he hoped she would turn her life around by going and commented on her brave she was to come onto the show. That is true but she hasn’t been truly sorry for what she has done and I’m not convinced she won’t do it again. She plays the victim when she brings this on herself. She turned everyone against her and made the press the way they are with her bad behaviour. She needs to be more accountable.

To be fair, she seemed well, had a sense of humour, was relaxed, handled herself well and tried to keep the conversation light and positive. I appreciate the amount of bravery it took to come onto the show, knowing she would be asked personal questions. They both knew they wouldn’t talk about the movie, so I’m impressed she even showed up.

It was great to see her looking great, being funny and back to good ol’ Lindsay. I was so happy to see her seeming so well on the show because I did love her films growing up. I would love for her to sort her life out and start acting in good movies again. I just wish she wouldn’t let her personal life get in the way of her career. I seriously hope this stint in rehab will set her straight. I have my fingers crossed as I really want her to do good.

It would seem that I’m not the only one. Lindsay’s Twitter has been swamped by well wishes. She wrote: “Thanks to all for the kind words and overwhelming support #blessed.”

Watch the full interview below.

Big Pics: Avril Lavigne, Emma Watson & Taylor Swift

Avril Lavigne


Avril is releasing more music?! I thought she had given up considering she only released one single from Goodbye Lullaby. It’s like she brought out What The Hell and then went onto her next record. The single, shown above, will be released on 9th April, with her (fifth!) album later in the spring. I’m loving the artwork- but why does she have to be naked?!

Emma Watson


Emma looks HOT in this cover shot! She is posing as her Bling Ring character Nikki, hence the tattoos, long hair and risqué clothing. Still, loving it!

Finding Dory


Ellen DeGeneres, who voices Dory, has announced that the scatty fish will be getting her own movie. Finding Dory is scheduled for released in November 2015, so a long wait. I wonder how they can make it different from the original (and upcoming sequel) but keep the same humour and characters.

Lindsay Lohan


Crikey! Check out the bruises on LiLo’s legs! Looks like she’s been in a fight. She’s been having quite a rollercoaster ride in Brazil!

Perrie Edwards


I just don’t get it this piercing?! Whyyy?! Is it not uncomfortable and inconvenient?! I would be scared of catching it. Little Mix’s Perrie seemed to like it. Oh well.

Taylor Swift


I do love Taylor’s humour. She posted this on her Twitter to encourage followers to vote in the American Country Music Awards but she posted an hilarious photo with it that we can all appreciate. Just look at her cat’s face!

Hayden Panettiere


I think we can all appreciate how hot Hayden is in these pictures. We already that she has a banging bikini bod after seeing her on the beach in Miami but these shots make us sick with envy!


Big Pics: Jessie J, Gaga & Lindsay Lohan

Jessie J 


Jessie took to Twitter to show off her newly dyed blonde do! Also, I’m a bit jealous that she is on a sunny holiday.

Lindsay Lohan


What on earth is Lindsay doing under the table?! It was reported that Lindsay wanted to hide from the press while partying in Brazil. From this pic, I think we can safely assume she was found!



This was Bey’s way of announcing that she will be bringing daughter Blue Ivy along on her world tour. How cute is that director’s chair?!


Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga has another pimped out wheelchair, courtesy of Louis Vuitton. That girl knows how to ride in style!

Naomi Watts & Leiv Schreiber 


The couple spent the afternoon supporting their boys playing football. They are such a cute family!