My Top Ten: Zoolander 2 cameos


Zoolander 2 has been out for a couple of weeks now but I have only just managed to see it. I generally agree with the reviews – it is not as good as the original one and at times it isn’t funny at all – but I think we can all agree the celebrity cameos were the most impressive thing about it (plus all the original cast returning).

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Video: Nicole Scherzinger’s “Boomerang”

Here is the video for Nicole Scherzinger’s next single Boomerang. It is the lead track from her second solo album which is due for release in the spring.

What do you think? I love it! The chorus is very catchy. The video is pretty standard- Nicole in various guises looking hot but I don’t care because I enjoy the song. I like the effects in the video too.

On another Nicole note, I HAVE to show this picture:


This is from the National TV Awards in London this week and it is such a rare fashion faux pas from The X Factor judge! You can see her tit tape so clearly- so embarrassing.

Also, on Twitter this week, Nicole and her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton showed off their new pooch, Roscoe!


Big Pics: Beyoncé, Katy Perry & Miley Cyrus

Beyoncé & Jay-Z


Beyoncé and Jay-Z look like royalty when they stepped out at the Obama inauguration ceremony in Washington today. Bey sung the Star Spangled Banner before the president.

Katy Perry & John Mayer


Katy and John were also in Washington to support Obama. Katy performed at the kids inaugural event at the weekend.

Nicole Scherzinger


Nicole looks so different when she is chilling out with her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton. The singer wore little make-up and low maintenance clothes on a bowling trip.

David Beckham


David made the most of the British snow by going sledging with his son Brooklyn on London’s Primrose Hill. His 10-year-son Romeo also tagged along.

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth 


There have been loads of rumours about their split but this puts paid to that. The couple were seen on holiday in Costa Rica and looked as loved up as ever.



Big Pics: Gaga, Zooey Deschanel & Nicole Scherzinger

1. Lady Gaga normally keeps her private life just that, but she took a surprising turn today by posting an intimate picture of her and boyfriend Taylor Kinney on her Little Monsters site. The picture, captioned “Me and T”, shows her being held in a pool naked! Crikey!

Gaga has also revealed the title to her third studio album- ARTPOP. The singer posted a picture to Twitter to show the title in the form of a tattoo on her arm.

2. Check out Zooey’s new boyfriend!! The New Girl actress is dating screenwriter Jamie Linden. He is her first love interest since she divorced from husband of two years, and Death Cab for Cutie musician, Ben Hubbard, in December. It is unknown how long the pair have been together but they are obviously comfortable enough to be kissing in public! Linden’s most well-known writing credit is the adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, Dear John, starring Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum.

3. Showing that they are still together and can have a laugh- Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger! The couple haven’t been seen together for a long time and rumours were rife that they had split after Lewis was spotted with some girls in a hotel. It’s nice to see them being silly.

Lewis posted the picture to Instagram saying, “Me & @nicolescherzy…don’t know where she got these from but she wanted to rock them. Love to all the fans.”


4. Proving they are definitely a couple, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were spotted holding hands as they left Bali today. I actually think they make a good couple, especially as they were friends for such a long time first.

5. How cute are these pictures?! It’s great to see Jason Segel hanging out with Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda. The pair went public with their romance in April. I do find their appearance together odd but I think, as people, they are matched very well. The pair were taking six-year-old Matilda to gym class. Matilda’s father is the deceased Heath Ledger.

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton split

It would appear that singer Nicole Scherzinger and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton have split up after four years together.

Apparently, Lewis called time on their relationship because they were hardly spending any time together due to work schedules. Lewis currently lives in Switzerland whereas Nicole is in LA for US X Factor so the amount of time spent apart was increasing. Also, Nicole has taken a lot more on career-wise: she is promoting singles and her album Killer Love, she filmed a part for Men In Black III and she is a judge on X Factor. When she does have some free time, it is still hard to meet with Lewis because he is touring the world with F1 team McLaren.

Sources say it was an amicable split and it is solely down to conflicting work schedules. Another source says Nicole is devastated.

While many reports have surfaced about this today, there has been no official statement and all the stories have relied upon “sources” so I am holding out hope that this may not be the case. I thought they made a great couple. I shall update this story if a statement is released.