Normal People: TV Review

Normal People

I don’t write TV reviews very often and that’s usually because I just can’t keep up with all the content and am always so far behind the vast majority of people. However, I’m making an exception with Normal People because I was so hooked I finished it within three days.

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The Little Stranger: Film Review

I read The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters purely because I knew Domhnall Gleeson was going to be starring in the adaptation, to be directed by Lenny Abrahamson. I am a huge fan of them both, obviously, but sadly the film doesn’t capture all the building tension, mystery and intrigue of the book, yet retains its annoyingly vague ending.

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Room: Film Review


I loved Room by Emma Donoghue – the novel was compelling, offered a fresh perspective and packed an emotional punch – so I was totally worried about the film adaptation. Luckily, Donoghue herself wrote the script and keeps everything I love about the book and the material is considerably elevated by two amazing performances from Brie Larson and Canadian youngster Jacob Tremblay.

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Brie Larson & Lenny Abrahamson: Room Q&A at LFF


Last night at the London Film Festival, the talent behind Room, (L-R) Brie Larson, Emma Donoghue and Lenny Abrahamson, came out for a quick Q&A after the movie’s screening to talk about the casting process and shooting in the claustrophobic space.

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